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A contest for the best essay starts on December 1. The theme is “Why Should the USA Support Ukraine?” The contest is prolonged til January 14, 2023!

Freedom, independence, and the integrity of our borders are the values for which Ukraine is fighting today. We have the support of the most influential countries in the world. They help us with weapons financially, in humanitarian issues, and in the international arena. Our strategic partnership with the USA is growing. This year is the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between our two countries. One American media company, FoxNews, recently asked about the political effort required to keep American support for Ukraine.

“We have gained international stability and security at a very high price," the Member of the Ukrainian Parliament Oleksandr Vasiuk told FoxNews.

"National stability and security in many aspects depend on international stability and security," he added to FoxNews.

FoxNews also writes: “The U.S. has been one of the chief supporters to Kyiv since Russia invaded in February and has provided $19 billion in security assistance since January 2021, more than $18 billion of which was provided since the February invasion. While Washington’s support for Ukraine has largely been bipartisan, House Republicans brought the issue into question ahead of the U.S. midterms when Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said the GOP would not write a "blank check" to Kyiv if it won control over the lower chamber. Similarly, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., said last week that "under Republicans, not another penny will go to Ukraine" if the GOP wins the House.

These comments give us insight into the constant work of political diplomacy required. Ukraine’s voice must be heard in America, and how better than to let thousands of people pick up their pens, or sit at their computers, and write! We have organized this competition for the best essay to help people in the USA learn more about Ukraine, our fight against Russian aggression, our values of freedom and independence, and why their support is so important.

Ukrainians need to convey their position and be heard. To draw more attention to the problems, focus on what you think is necessary. Everyone's voice should be heard. You have the right to do so. Let the free nations of the world hear your heart, passion, and vision!

What do you need to do? Write an essay on the topic: "Why should the United States help Ukraine?" There are many reasons discussed by many great people. While the theme is broad, your essay should focus on one or a few reasons. You should carefully study the background of your essay, choose a unique title and develop your idea.

Your position can influence the opinion of US leadership and strengthen our relationship. This will be your contribution to the development of a strategic partnership between Ukraine and the United States. You can influence the course of history. Three winners will be selected from the submissions, and their authors will be awarded.

Who will read the works and choose the winners? These will be Ukraine and United States citizens who have professional achievements in writing articles, experts in the field of international relations, and representatives of foreign mass media. The contest for the best essay is initiated by the NGO "Nashe Pravo" and co-chairman of the inter-factional association "Ukraine-US Strategic Partnership," Member of Ukrainian Parliament Oleksandr Vasiuk, in collaboration with media hub “Tvoe misto” and School of journalism and communications of the  Ukrainian Catholic University.

Be sure and look at more information on our judges!

Terms of the contest for the best essay:

1. Subscribe to our website using your Gmail account.

2. Essay topic. The unique title and the main idea of your essay should relate to the theme: "Why should the USA help Ukraine?"

3. Who can participate? Ukrainians aged 16 and older.

4. What is the award?

$1,000 - for the first place.

$250 - for second place.

$100 - for third place.

5. What are the requirements for the essay? It is necessary to submit a minimum of 700 and a maximum of 750 words on the topic: "Why should the United States help Ukraine?". The article should be submitted in Microsoft Word docx format, using Cambria font or Times New Roman size 12 with 1-inch (2.54 сm) margins. The essay should be written in Ukrainian. It should be translated into English. Both versions - Ukrainian and English - should be in one document.  Also, it's important to have your name, title, and page number on every page of the document.

6. What criteria will be used to select the winners?

- Theme. Is the topic of the essay revealed in the text?

- Context. Does it correspond to the present?

- Interaction. Does it touch the reader?

- Authoritativeness. Does it contain references to key quotes and sources?

- Grammar and structure. Correctness of spelling in Ukrainian.

- Translation. Does the text convey Ukrainian thoughts to English-speaking readers?

7. When does the contest start and end?

Essays will be accepted from December 1 to January 2, 2023.

8. How to submit an essay?

- The texts in Ukrainian and the English translation should be sent as one attachment in Microsoft Word .docx format by email to: nashepravo.contest@gmail.com

- Your name and the title of your essay should be indicated in the subject line of the email. The title of your essay should be unique. For example, Ivan Ivanovych, "What was the Budapest Memorandum?"  

- The body of the email should include the contestant's name, address, and contact phone number.