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Nashe Pravo

A voice of Ukraine to the West

What You Might Not Know About Russia's War Against Ukraine

From our friend, Luke Coffey at the Hudson Institute: a series of six short videos he recorded debunking commonly heard myths about U.S. support to Ukraine.

An American in Kyiv Discusses Comments by GOP Presidential Hopefuls

Brian Mefford has been working in Republican party politics since 1988, holding various positions in the Republican Party of Arkansas and working on the staff of Mike Huckabee. He has lived and worked in Ukraine since 1999.

Погляд американця у Києві на коментарі кандидатів у президенти Республіканської партії.

Брайан Меффорд працює в політиці Республіканської партії з 1988 року, обіймаючи різні посади в Республіканській партії Арканзасу та працював у штабі Майка Хакабі. З 1999 року живе і працює в Україні.

Could Ukraine have Remained a Nuclear State? Facts and Reflections

What made Ukraine give up its nuclear arsenal, and could Ukraine avoid it?

The Gas War

Vladimir Putin weaponized energy, but the record-breaking high temperatures this winter helped Europeans go through the season comfortably. However, the gas war is not over yet.

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