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Nashe Pravo

A voice of Ukraine to the West

The Politicization of the Innocent Dead

While the Democrats weaponize our judicial system, the Republicans politicize a bloody war.

Ukraine must not forget fight against corruption while battling Russia

Brian Mefford about internal fight against corruption in Ukraine

‘Sound of Freedom’ conservatives tragically wrong about Ukraine

Originally posted on TVP World KHARKIV, UKRAINE— Something is strange about the promo campaign for the blockbuster indie film The Sound of Freedom, in which Jim Caviezel (Count of Monte Cristo, Passion of the Christ) stars as former government agent Tim Ballard, who saves kids from sex trafficking. The movie has made more than USD 124 million at the box

Dear American Conservatives: Burisma is Russian, Not Ukrainian

Joe Lindsley`s view on the situation around energy company Burisma

‘Pushing Dragons Off Maps’: A handbook for resisting nuclear threats

Ukrainians and the foreign volunteers here keep pushing the dragons off the map. By holding on fast they open the promise of their 2014 Maidan

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