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Nashe Pravo

A voice of Ukraine to the West

The US Can Send Ukraine Aid Tomorrow

Whatever the fight in Congress, where aid to Ukraine is blocked by a small group with hard-to-understand demands, the administration has other options.

The case for a new Ukrainian Constitution

As Ukraine fights for its survival as a nation, it may be time for the country to adopt a new constitution of its own that matches current realities.

Happy New Year

The Nashe Pravo team wishes Happy New Year to our dear subscribers.

While the West declares support for Ukraine, some are hedging their bets

The article originally published on TVP World. LVIV — In the past 24 hours, Russia has sent missiles to a funeral reception in a Kharkiv region village and directly to the city center of Kharkiv city. In the face of this ongoing evil, the West, including the White House, voices its support for Ukraine, but there is a sense that trust

The Politicization of the Innocent Dead

While the Democrats weaponize our judicial system, the Republicans politicize a bloody war.

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