Kharkiv was under attack

Russians hit Kharkiv with areal glide bombs today. The Shevchenkiv district of the city was hit with residential buildings, shops, transport, gas stations, and cafes. "Currently, we have ten injured as a result of shelling in Kharkiv. 4 people have been hospitalized. The trolleybus driver is in a serious condition. Fortunately, the trolleybus itself was without passengers. Also, the debris went through the windshield of the tram. The female driver got out of the vehicle then." - to be completed by the mayor Ihor Terekhov. "The windows have almost completely blown out in the high-rise building nearby. All services are working on the spot," the mayor added.

На зображенні може бути: 6 людей, автомобіль та дорога
На зображенні може бути: 7 людей
На зображенні може бути: хмарочос

Russian forces shooting civilians in Vovchansk

Russian forces in Vovchansk are reportedly shooting civilians trying to escape the town, according to Ukrainian police on May 22. Oleksii Kharkivskyi, the town's police chief, mentioned ongoing investigations into these incidents. Kharkiv Oblast Governor Oleh Syniehubov stated on May 21 that around 100 civilians remain in Vovchansk, unable to leave due to threats from Russian troops. Civilians have been attempting to escape by crossing the Vovcha River, where they face gunfire from Russian forces. Police recently aided eight people who managed to cross. The town is heavily contested, with Ukrainian forces holding about 60% of it amid continuous Russian assaults. The town has been described as almost destroyed, with significant civilian casualties reported.

Russian government website removes draft law on changing maritime borders in the Baltic Sea

A draft law from the Russian Defense Ministry, which proposed unilateral changes to the borders in the Baltic Sea, has disappeared from the Russian government's website. The law aimed to declare parts of the Gulf of Finland and areas near Kaliningrad as Russian internal waters, altering the baseline coordinates for territorial seas. Lithuania called it a provocation, and Finland is seeking details. Estonia suggested it was meant to create confusion, urging NATO to respond to these threats. An archived version of the bill is still accessible.

Republicans accuse the White House of sending weapons to Kenya instead of Ukraine

US Republicans have accused the Biden administration of bypassing Congress by transferring military equipment meant for Ukraine to Kenyan troops in Haiti. House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Michael McCaul and Senate Foreign Relations Committee ranking member Jim Ricketts criticized the administration in a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken for using Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA) to accelerate $60 million in aid to combat gangs in Haiti. This aid includes firearms, ammo, and armored vehicles for Kenyan troops, who are set to arrive on Thursday as Kenyan President William Ruto meets US officials in Washington.

Lawmakers claim the rush to fund an indefinite operation in Haiti bypasses Congress and raises concerns about the impact on Ukraine, as the Pentagon's stockpiles are also being shipped to Kyiv. A Republican aide noted that armed services are auditing inventory for Haiti, creating competition with Ukraine for materials.

A State Department official, who wished to remain anonymous, stated that the US is addressing global needs and that supporting Haiti does not detract from aiding Ukraine. Both priorities receive tailored support to meet the needs of US partners.