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Russian attacks on Kharkiv Oblast kill 6, injure over 20

Russian forces launched attacks on Kharkiv Oblast on May 23, killing at least six people in Kharkiv and injuring 16, with seven more injured elsewhere in the region, according to local officials and a Kyiv Independent reporter.

Kharkiv and nearby areas have faced intensified strikes since Russia's new offensive began on May 10. Explosions were reported around 10:30 a.m. local time. Governor Oleh Syniehubov and Mayor Ihor Terekhov confirmed around 10 blasts targeting infrastructure and a communal services building.

A local printing shop was hit directly, causing a fire with over 50 employees inside. The six fatalities occurred at the strike's epicenter, Syniehubov said in a briefing. Russian forces carried out 15 strikes, likely using S-300 missiles, according to regional prosecutor's office spokesperson Dmytro Chubenko.

Oleksandr Filchakov, head of the regional prosecutor's office, confirmed the use of S-300 missiles. Two people were injured in Zolochiv, 35 kilometers north of Kharkiv, and five others in Liubotyn, 15 kilometers west of the regional center.

In Liubotyn, S-300 missiles hit the railway station area, Chubenko said. Zolochiv was targeted by guided aerial bombs, damaging a kindergarten, Syniehubov reported.

Poland weighs shooting down Russian missiles near border

Poland is contemplating using its air defenses to intercept Russian missiles over Ukraine, according to Polish Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Pawel Wronski on May 22. President Zelensky suggested Western allies, including Poland, could enhance Ukraine's defense by targeting Russian missiles. Wronski stated that Poland is reviewing the legal and technical feasibility of this initiative, which was proposed by Ukraine. Following a Russian missile entering Polish airspace on March 24, discussions on the legal implications of shooting down such missiles have been ongoing. However, Poland is not considering relocating its air defense units to Ukraine.

Russian troops are trying to advance near Chasiv Yar but haven't entered town

"It is crucial for us to keep them out of Chasiv Yar. They have claimed multiple times that they have encircled and entered the town, but we are preventing this. Inside the town, their numerical superiority would be more evident than it is now."

After capturing Avdiivka in February, Russian forces have focused on Chasiv Yar, a strategic elevated town. Before the full-scale invasion, Chasiv Yar had about 12,000 residents, but only around 670 remain as intensified Russian attacks have left the town "almost destroyed."