Kherson was under massive shelling, and many people were killed and injured.

In the afternoon of 29 January, the Kherson Oblast Military Administration reported that Russians carried out a massive shelling of the city of Kherson. There is information that many people were killed and injured.

the Administration reported that three people were killed in the Sunday attacks on Kherson, and six were wounded. All those injured were taken to hospitals; one is in critical condition.

Several civilian targets were damaged in the selling, including Kherson regional clinical hospital, a school, a bus station, a post office, a bank, and residential houses.

Among those wounded is a nurse who stayed in the regional hospital when the Russians attacked. She underwent surgery, suffering from a moderately severe wound.

Zelenskyy speaks with the newly elected President of the Czech Republic and invites him to Ukraine.

On Sunday, 29 January, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy had a phone conversation with Petr Pavel, former Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, who has recently won the presidential elections in Czechia.e

Zelenskyy congratulated Petr Pavel on his victory in the presidential elections in Czech Republic. Expressed my gratitude to him and the Czech people for their unwavering support. Invited him to visit Ukraine," Zelenskyy stated.

Earlier, Pavel confirmed his plans to visit Ukraine with his Slovak counterpart Zuzana Čaputová in spring 2023.

Petr Pavel received 58.32% of the votes in the presidential election, while his competitor, Czech billionaire, former Prime Minister, and leader of the ANO party Andrej Babiš, received 41.67%.

Petr Pavel will take the oath and become the president of the Czech Republic on 9 March 2023, replacing Milos Zeman, who held the position for two terms, ten years in total.

One thermal power plant unit shut down for repairs, all oblasts given reduced power limits.

There is a significant energy deficit in Ukraine's power grid as of the morning of 29 January. One of the thermal power plant (TPP) units is being shut down for repair for technical reasons. This is why all oblast power companies have been informed of slightly reduced power consumption limits that are in force throughout the day.

Power consumption in the country remained at the same level as on 28 January. However, the volume of electricity generated in the system decreased due to repairing one of the TPP units. As a result, all oblast power distribution companies have been informed of slightly reduced consumption limits that are in force throughout the day.

Each oblast power distribution company creates a schedule of planned hourly power outages to ensure that oblast consumption stays within the approved limit.

Ukrenergo added that repairing energy infrastructure facilities damaged during the massive attack on 26 January is underway. Emergency power outages continue to be in effect in Odesa Oblast. The repairs of the planned power supply system for Odesa Oblast are underway.