Russia is to deploy additional forces to the Ukrainian border – Governor of Kursk Oblast.

Roman Starovoit, the governor of Russia's Kursk Oblast, has said that additional military personnel will arrive in the area soon.

The local government states that the region bordering Ukraine's Sumy Oblast has repeatedly "been subject to Ukrainian attacks."

Additional troops arrived in Kursk Oblast at the end of spring, and in autumn, Kommersant reports.

On 25 January, Starovoit said that "the risk of Ukrainian troops invading the Kursk Oblast is low and that the authorities are constantly working to strengthen the region's defense capabilities."

Russians already announce a reward for destroying the first Leopard and Abrams tanks and F-16 fighter jet.

Russian company Fores, which specializes in equipment for oil wells, has announced a reward for Abrams and Leopard tanks, which the West has promised to provide Kyiv with if they are destroyed or captured in Ukraine.

They have promised 5 million roubles [approximately US$71,500] for the first destroyed Abrams or Leopard tanks and 500,000 roubles [approximately US$7,100] for each additional one.

It is also reported that a financial reward will be 15 million roubles [approximately US$214,500] for the first F-15 and F-16 fighter jets destroyed if they are supplied to Ukraine.

Russia wants to attack before the arrival of tanks in Ukraine and is looking for support from African countries.

Last week (January 23–29) saw a distinctive turning point in strengthening Ukraine's defense capability. Our Armed Forces will receive German Leopard tanks and US Abrams tanks. Germany also allowed other countries to re-export tanks of their production. Over the past week, Ukraine has expanded the tank coalition to 12 countries, which can potentially provide more than 300 modern vehicles.

At the same time, Russia is planning a new wave of the offensive in the coming months, mobilizing Ukrainian citizens for aggression. Putin's decree on partial mobilization, which under the pretext of "other measures" makes it possible to build up military forces, has not stopped.

On the other hand, Lithuania and Estonia have reduced diplomatic relations with Russia. Moreover, Tallinn even plans to establish a coastal "contiguous zone" in the Gulf of Finland, to control Russian navigation. To find new allies, Sergei Lavrov visited African countries, where he justified the war in Ukraine and accused the "collective West" of building a unipolar world.

Ukraine is accumulating more and more support to bring Russian terrorists to justice. PACE unanimously voted for the creation of a special international tribunal for Russia and also recognized the fact of the Russian occupation of Ukrainian territories starting in 2014.