Ukrainian Ministry of Defence reveals “hottest spot” on the front.

Donetsk Oblast is the most brutal area on the frontline at the moment: the Russian forces have somewhat decreased their assault activity due to bad weather, but have not reduced the intensity of attacks.

After Kherson was liberated, it became quite a demoralizing factor for the Russian soldiers and the Russian society, so they are looking for a place of application of force so that there is at least tactical news to raise their spirits.

They are currently concentrating their efforts in the east [of Ukraine – ed.], and first of all, the hottest spot in Donetsk Oblast.

Only bad weather prevents them from carrying out attacks with the same intensity as they did last week. In the second half of last week, the Ukrainian Armed Forces repelled hundreds of Russian attacks a day on the Donetsk front.

Now, due to the weather, the number [of assault attempts – ed.] has slightly decreased, but at the same time the number of attacks has not decreased: there are almost 400 attacks per day [according to the latest data – ed.] along the entire eastern front.

Russian forces hit Kherson: 1 killed, and at least 4 wounded.

One person has been killed and at least four others have been hospitalized following the Russian attack on Kherson and the neighboring village of Antonivka [Kherson Oblast] on 21 November.

Following the Russian attack on Kherson, four wounded people were hospitalized at the regional medical facility. Unfortunately, one person died during hospitalization.

Also, as a result of the attack on the village of Antonivka, a woman was wounded and taken to Kherson regional hospital.

Attack on Kharkiv Oblast: woman’s body recovered from under the rubble, people injured.

A 38-year-old woman has been killed in Kharkiv Oblast due to Russian attacks on the village of Shevchenkove; two more people have been injured.

The enemy carried out a missile attack with an S-300 anti-aircraft missile system on the village of Shevchenko in the Kupiansk district yesterday evening [20 November – ed.]. The missile hit a two-story multi-apartment building. A residential building nearby was also damaged. Unfortunately, a 38-year-old woman was killed, and at least two more people were injured. Search and rescue workers are still clearing the rubble.

Polish Prosecutor’s Office rejects the participation of Ukrainians in investigating missile explosion.

The Polish Prosecutor’s Office is not going to agree on engaging the Ukrainian side in the investigation of a missile explosion in the village of Przewodow where two men were killed on November 15.

"There is no such legal possibility, and this would contradict a procedure, let alone the interests of the investigation. Within its framework, all possible versions are being considered, including the one where an anti-aircraft missile landed from Ukraine," said the outlet’s sources that are close to the investigation.

The sources added that the behavior of politicians that were deceiving the public by saying that not only Ukrainians but also Americans were defendants in the case was surprising; nothing like that was happening.

The news about Ukrainian experts arriving in Przewodow on Friday afternoon went viral in all media outlets. Dmytro Kuleba, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine posted the relevant message on his Twitter the same evening.

"Ukrainian experts are already working at the site of the tragedy in Przewodów caused by Russian missile terror against Ukraine. I am grateful to the Polish side for granting [us] access. We will continue our cooperation in an open and constructive manner, as closest friends do,"Polish persecutor informed.

Ukrainian investigators arrived in the village of Przewodow after Polish investigators finished their examination, and they could see the site, as well as fragments of a missile and a crater. However, they have not conducted any procedural actions as the Polish law restricts it (just like Polish investigators cannot conduct evidence-based activity in another state; they can be "passive observers" at most).

There are more serious inaccuracies. Jakub Kumoch, the Head of the International Policy Bureau in the Chancellery of the President of Poland, reported in an interview with TVN 24 that a Polish-American investigation group was working in Przewodow and Ukrainians had also asked to get access to the investigation. "If both sides agree, and, as far as I know, there will be no objection from the American side, such access can be granted in the near future. If an investigation group does not have concerns at a technical level, there will probably be no ground to refuse," he said.

However, there were no American experts at the site; they provided access to classified materials from the AWACS system.

Decisions on the investigating process and its directions are being made solely by the Polish Prosecutor’s Office. Even Jacek Siewiera, Head of the National Security Bureau of the Republic of Poland, has admitted that, even though the participation of Ukrainian observers was possible, this did not mean they were going to take part in the investigation, explaining that "it requires compliance with justice and related procedures."

The participation of the Ukrainians would be possible within the framework of an International Commission of Inquiry, but it has not been created yet.

"Polish citizens were killed. The investigation is carried out by the Polish Prosecutor’s Office and Polish services. At the moment, there are negotiations going on regarding the development of cooperation principles, including the matters of transferring materials and exchanging evidence," the sources informed.

The investigation is conducted by the Mazovian Department for Fighting Organised Crime and Corruption of the National Public Prosecutor’s Office [Mazovian Voivodeship is a province in eastern-central Poland – ed.].