While the Democrats weaponize our judicial system, the Republicans politicize a bloody war. And two wrongs don't make a right.

The weakness of our political system is how immature many candidates become: if my opponent is for something, I am against it. If Biden is for Ukraine, we must be against Ukraine – or so say some Republicans willing to politicize a war that is bloodier than ours of Vietnam.

You see, I remember when it was exactly the opposite. The war began in 2014 (don't forget that, and don't let the media lie to you) when Obama was President. Obama was against Ukraine, virtually gave them over to Russia, and refused to honor our guarantees to protect Ukraine's borders – and the Republican congress unanimously passed legislation to send money and weapons to Ukraine THREE DIFFERENT TIMES.

To say it another way, President Clinton (a Democrat) signed the Budapest Memorandum when Ukraine freely surrendered more than 1200 nuclear warheads (let that sink into your head) with the understanding that the USA and others would protect their borders. President Obama (a Democrat) later ignored our commitments and looked the other way. Vice President Biden (a Democrat) called our agreement with Ukraine toilet paper.

Enter President Trump (a Republican), who almost immediately signed those three pieces of legislation and began supporting Ukraine with lethal aid, training and hope. Quite simply, Ukraine wouldn't have so much as a bullet if it weren't for President Trump.

Then we meet a whole entourage of people (democrats) who use Ukraine again and again in an attempt to destroy President Trump (which outraged all of us Republicans).

Now we have President Biden supporting Ukraine (further empowering and utilizing the very same military supply infrastructures that President Trump setup) and what do the Republicans do? Well, for Ukraine the pendulum swings the other way again. The Republicans don't even have the intestinal fortitude to say that Biden stole their former position.

Knowing all this history is important. If you lose your grasp of history you will lose all sense of direction. Political thought and cultural attitudes used to be a pendulum swinging gradually from left to right, but now they're ticking back and forth like an old grandfather clock.

Why such rapid change of position on both sides? Because it appears that anything (including the precious lives of innocent dead) is fair game if we can politicize it to win an election.

Why should we support Ukraine? We held an essay contest in Ukraine to ask their citizens that very question. You can read the top essays here.

What is the short answer? Because we promised to protect their borders if they gave up their nuclear arsenal. What happens if we don't keep our word? What nation in the world would trust the USA concerning even the smallest nuclear agreement? Why should North Korea believe any promise we make when we have failed our allies? Why should Iran even bother to negotiate?

Russia's greatest victory is to make the USA a liar.