Russian secret services try to gain access to Ukrainian computers.

Russian hackers and special services are adding malicious code to the hacked software hosted on torrents, as Ukraine’s State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection warns Ukrainians.

It is noted that hackers trojan ISOs and installation files and make them available for free on torrent trackers.

If a victim downloads and installs such files on their computer, hackers gain access to its contents and can remain invisible for a long time.

In many post-Soviet countries, system administrators still use unlicensed software (including operating systems) in institutions and companies of various forms of ownership, which is distributed through torrent trackers.

By installing hacked software from torrents, they provide access to Russian secret services through the contents of working machines. Hazardous is the use of a hacked operating system because, in this case, attackers have full administrative access to the computer on which it is installed.

Ordinary Ukrainian users are also at risk by installing unlicensed software from unofficial sources, such as torrents.

Russia's Investigative Committee reacts to the German Justice Minister's statement on Putin's arrest.

Alexander Bastrykin, Head of Russia's Investigative Committee, has tasked the Russian Prosecutor General with giving a legal assessment of the German Justice Minister's statements regarding dictator Vladimir Putin’s arrest.

"The Chairman of the Russian Investigative Committee tasked the central office of the agency with giving the necessary legal assessment of the statements of the German Minister of Justice on the implementation of the illegal demand of the International Criminal Court to arrest Russian citizens in Germany as part of the inspection" - Alexander Bastrykin said.

Russians want to seize the houses of residents who left Kherson Oblast.

The Russian occupiers continue looting and taking away houses from peaceful citizens of Ukraine.

In particular, the village council in Strilkove, a temporarily occupied territory of Kherson Oblast, is drafting an order on the forced illegal seizure of the houses of Ukrainian citizens who were forced to leave the settlement due to the lobbying of the village head and based on forcibly collected signatures of local deputies. They want to hand over the housing to the Russian occupation army servicemen.