Situation in Israel won't shake support for Ukraine – European Commission

The European Commission has stated that the escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will not lead to a decrease in support for Ukraine in its war with Russia

"I don’t think anything will in any way influence the support that the European Union provides to Ukraine. That is beyond the shadow of a doubt," Mamer said when asked how the situation in the Middle East might alter the EU's support for Ukraine," said European Commission spokesman Eric Mamer during a briefing in Brussels on Monday, 9 October.

"If you listen to the President [Ursula von der Leyen]’s speech in Bordeaux on Saturday, she reiterated once again that we stand by the Ukrainian people as long as it takes in their conflict against Russia," Mamer added.

Peter Stano, Spokesman for the EU External Action Service, commented separately on whether a possible link between events in Ukraine and those in Israel and possible attempts by Russia to use the situation to its advantage would be discussed at an emergency meeting of EU foreign ministers on Tuesday.

"Every time ministers are meeting, they are discussing Ukraine as a self-standing issue because of its very importance. So the discussion tomorrow… is an urgent emergency meeting to discuss what happened [in Israel – ed.] and what the response of the European Union should be in this respect," Stano said.

Russians attacked Kherson and its outskirts.

On Monday morning, Russian troops struck an area near a library in the city of Kherson, injuring a guard. Another person was injured in the afternoon due to an attack on a village on the outskirts of Kherson.

At about 10:30, the Russians shelled an area near a local library in Kherson. A 55-year-old security guard was injured.

Then, at 13:10, the Russians shelled a village on the city's outskirts with artillery. A 63-year-old woman was taken to hospital in a moderate condition.

Russians gave Hamas trophy weapons to discredit Ukraine

Russian occupiers provided Hamas militants with US- and EU-manufactured trophy weapons that they captured during the hostilities in Ukraine. Defence Intelligence of Ukraine says Russia is preparing to discredit Ukraine in order to affect the allies’ attitude and impact on the supply of Western weapons.

Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine reports that the aggressor state, Russia, is using the attack by Hamas terrorists on the state of Israel for a large-scale provocation against Ukraine.

Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine is aware that Russian intelligence has already delivered trophy weapons manufactured in the US and EU and captured during the hostilities in Ukraine to Hamas militants.

The next step in the Russians' plan should be false accusations against the Ukrainian military of allegedly selling Western weapons to terrorists regularly.