Russian missile strike on Zaporizhzhia outskirts damages infrastructure

Russian forces launched a missile strike on the outskirts of Zaporizhzhia on October 30, causing damage to social infrastructure. The attack occurred around 11:30, and while no specific infrastructure site was mentioned, the nature of the attack suggests ballistic missile weaponry. Fortunately, there were no reported casualties resulting from the strike. Zaporizhzhia, with a population of over 700,000, is a frequent target of Russian attacks and lies about 35 kilometers north of the front line. In the preceding days, Zaporizhzhia Oblast experienced a significant number of attacks, resulting in injuries to a 16-year-old boy and a 59-year-old woman.

McConnell lobbies in support of Ukraine aid amid Republican Party rift

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader of the U.S. Republican Party, is strongly supporting Ukraine, even in the face of opposition from House Speaker Mike Johnson and other Ukraine-skeptical members of the party. McConnell is actively lobbying to garner congressional support for maintaining the $61 billion funding for Ukraine as part of the White House's $105 billion funding package. While President Joe Biden's administration aims to combine support for Ukraine with funding for Israel and other priorities to improve its chances of congressional approval, it faces resistance from hardline Republican lawmakers associated with former President Donald Trump. Johnson, the newly-appointed House Speaker and a loyal Trump supporter, has expressed support for funding for Israel but not yet for Ukraine.

Death toll of Russian attack on Nova Poshta depot rises to 7

A 25-year-old man who was injured in Russia's missile strike on a Nova Poshta postal depot in Kharkiv Oblast on October 21 has died in the hospital on October 30, bringing the death toll from the attack to seven. Twelve other victims are currently undergoing medical treatment, including two in intensive care. The missile strike hit the depot in the village of Korotych, killing at least six postal employees at the time of the attack and injuring 17. The northeastern Kharkiv Oblast remains a frequent target of Russian attacks due to its proximity to Russia and the front lines.

 Russian missile strike on Odesa district injured 2

Russian forces struck a ship repair facility in the Odesa district on the morning of October 30, injuring two people. The victims, a 62-year-old man and a 57-year-old woman, were hospitalized in stable condition. The missile attack damaged the facility's administrative building and equipment. Several explosions were heard in Odesa at around 8:30 a.m. local time, shortly after the air raid alert went off. Odesa is the third most populous city in Ukraine and home to a major port on the Black Sea. After Russia withdrew from the Black Sea Grain Initiative in July, it has regularly targeted port and civilian infrastructure in Odesa Oblast.