Russia attacked Kherson 17 times on 24 November, damaging the "invincibility center" and killing civilians.

Russian occupation forces carried out 17 attacks on the city of Kherson over the course of Thursday, 24 November, damaging a kindergarten where an "invincibility center" was located and killing a civilian.

Russian forces also massively attacked apartment blocks and private houses on Druzhba Street around 12:00. At 08:20, Russian occupation forces attacked the building located on Kherson 200th Anniversary Avenue, damaging a high-rise building. A car caught on fire. Around the same time, apartment blocks on Karbyshev, 49th Guards Division, Parovozna, and Perekopska streets were also attacked.

Kherson territorial hromada [an administrative unit designating the city of Kherson and its adjacent territory - ed.] was hit 62 times on 20–24 November. Eight civilians were killed, and four sustained injuries. Luhova called on Kherson residents to evacuate from Kherson Oblast in light of the Russian attacks.

Russia tells its troops there must be 5 million of them for victory.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports that Russia's military and political command is spreading a document called "Conclusions of the war with NATO in Ukraine" among the military. It is stated in the document that 5 million Russian troops must be deployed for Russia to win.

A part of this document, among other things, focuses on the main problems of the Russian occupying forces, such as the commanders’ inability to command troops, low level of discipline and military training, obsolescence of armament and military equipment, commanders’ inability to make decisions without obligatorily coordinating them with higher command, etc. Meanwhile,, every document states that the Defence Forces of Ukraine have a quite high level of equipment, and commanders on all levels can make decisions in combat conditions themselves.

It is also stated in the document that there has not been such a war in the previous 80 years, and Russia needs its army to consist of nearly 5 million troops to win.

Hromov remarked that according to the estimates of some Russian offices, it might hint at the next mobilization wave and implementation of martial law in the country.

Ukrainian intelligence sees no sign of massive import of chemical weapons by Russians yet.

As of now, Ukrainian intelligence sees no sign of Russians massively importing projectiles with poisonous substances into the territory of Ukraine.

Oleksii Hromov, Deputy Head of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, informed: "They [Russians - ed.] definitely have chemical weapons, they have radiation, chemical, and biological defense troops in Ukraine that can use these weapons. But for now, the intelligence cannot confirm that Russians are massively transporting projectiles containing poisonous substances.

There may be targeted use of chemical weapons. For instance, irritants that affect organs of vision and respiration may be used. Russians made such attempts. Every soldier in our units has means of protecting the respiratory system and skin."


  • The American media source Politico, with reference to six informed sources, reported that the USA does not exclude Russia may use chemical weapons in Ukraine if it continues to lose on the battlefield.