Zaluzhnyi: Ukraine must escape from 'trap' of prolonged war

Valerii Zaluzhnyi, the commander-in-chief of Ukraine's armed forces, has expressed the need for specific support from the West as the conflict in Ukraine enters a potentially "positional" stage characterized by static and attritional fighting. Zaluzhnyi believes that several technological and strategic priorities should be addressed to enhance Ukraine's capabilities. These priorities include greater air power and drones, improved electronic warfare capabilities from drones, countering enemy artillery more effectively, enhancing mine-breaching technology, and building up reserves in the Ukrainian military. Zaluzhnyi stressed the importance of addressing these priorities to escape the potential trap of a positional war, where Russia could restore its military power. He also highlighted the continued superiority of Russia in terms of weapons, equipment, missiles, and ammunition.

Zaluzhnyi's call for specific support comes as Ukraine seeks to enhance its military capabilities and adapt to changing dynamics on the battlefield. It reflects the ongoing challenges Ukraine faces in its conflict with Russia and the importance of international assistance in strengthening its position.

Russian shelling of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast injured woman

Russian forces have launched a second strike on Dnipropetrovsk Oblast's Nikopol district on November 1, resulting in injuries to a 42-year-old woman. This follows an earlier drone strike that caused casualties in the same area. Nikopol has been a frequent target of Russian attacks due to its proximity to the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant and its location near the front lines. The ongoing hostilities in eastern Ukraine continue to pose significant risks to civilians and critical infrastructure in the region.

National Bank: Ukrainian businesses report more pessimistic outlook due to labor shortages

Ukrainian enterprises are facing a serious shortage of personnel, contributing to a more pessimistic economic outlook, according to a monthly survey by Ukraine's National Bank published in October. This shortage of qualified personnel is impeding economic activity. Other factors affecting business expectations include security risks, rising fuel prices, and logistical restrictions for exports. The construction industry has seen the most significant decline in outlook, while the trade sector remains relatively optimistic, though it also faces concerns about the availability of employees. The survey was conducted from October 5 to October 24 and involved responses from 505 businesses.

North Korea sent over 1 million artillery shells to Russia

South Korean intelligence suggests that North Korea has provided over a million artillery shells to Russia to support its war against Ukraine. These shells, supplied through various means since early August, are equivalent to two months' worth of supplies. North Korea has also reportedly sent advisers to assist Russian officials in the use of these munitions. In exchange, Russia may provide technological assistance to help North Korea launch its first military reconnaissance satellite. This revelation comes amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and heightened global concerns regarding the actions of both Russia and North Korea.