The daily update by Ukrainska Pravda

Putin on negotiations with Ukraine: We can wait
Russian President Vladimir Putin has complained that Ukraine does not want to hold “peace talks” with the Russian Federation and has said that he will wait for Ukraine to agree to such talks.
Zelenskyy: Ukraine, Turkey and UN to continue with the Grain Initiative
Ukraine will continue to take part in the Black Sea Grain Initiative, an agreement brokered by the UN with Russia and Türkiye launched on 22 July to enable ships to transport grain from Ukraine.
4 Russian drones crash into civilian facilities in Poltava Oblast
Four Russian drones crashed into civilian facilities in Poltava Oblast, causing a fire.
Kherson Oblast: Russian occupation forces forcibly remove civilians from their homes
Russian occupation forces are forcibly removing civilians from their homes and moving into those homes.
Russian forces attack 2 civilian tugboats: at least two dead, one person wounded and one missing
The Russian military attacked two port civilian tugboats that were involved in the transportation of a barge with grain on the Ochakiv front [Ukraine’s south]. As a result, two people died, one wounded person was rescued, and the fate of another crew member is unknown.