Ukraine controls around 60% of Vovchansk in Kharkiv oblast

Ukrainian forces control about 60% of Vovchansk in Kharkiv Oblast amidst continuous Russian assaults, according to Deputy Governor Roman Semenukha on May 20. Russian units entered the northern parts of Vovchansk, but Ukraine has prevented them from establishing a deeper foothold. The town is heavily damaged, with ongoing Russian attacks causing civilian casualties. Over 10,500 civilians have been evacuated from the region. President Zelensky stated that the mid-May Russian offensive might be the first of several waves, potentially targeting Kharkiv next.

Russian forces attacking on 8 fronts, most actively on Pokrovsk front – Ukraine's General Staff

As of 13:30 on May 20, Russian forces have been most active on the Pokrovsk front, with 22 attacks registered and 12 ongoing. On the Kharkiv front, two skirmishes continue near Starytsia and Vovchansk. On the Kupiansk front, a battle near Synkivka is under control after repelling a previous Russian attack. In Siversk, Ukrainian troops repelled an attack near Bilohorivka. The Kramatorsk front saw an increase in attacks to six, with ongoing combat near Novyi and Klishchiivka. The Vremivka and Prydniprovske fronts saw Ukrainian forces successfully repel multiple Russian assaults. The situation on other fronts remains stable.

 NATO training soldiers in Ukraine won't escalate war - Estonian PM

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas stated in an interview with the Financial Times that NATO allies' concerns about being drawn into war with Russia by sending troops to train Ukrainian soldiers are "not well-founded." She noted that some NATO countries are already training Ukrainian soldiers on the ground at their own risk. Kallas emphasized that if Russia attacked these trainers, it would not automatically trigger NATO's mutual defense clause, Article 5. She argued that training Ukrainian troops in Ukraine would not escalate the conflict with Russia.

EU comments on brutal Russian attacks on Kharkiv

The European Commission has condemned the latest Russian air attack on Kharkiv and its surrounding oblast, which killed over 10 civilians, including a pregnant woman. EU spokesperson Peter Stano stated that this attack demonstrates Russia's blatant disregard for human life and its barbaric actions. The EU mourns these losses alongside Ukraine and emphasizes the need to ramp up support for air defense to protect Ukrainian cities and civilians. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy highlighted that supplying two Patriot air defense systems would significantly enhance Kharkiv's security. UK Defence Secretary Grant Shapps announced that Ukraine will receive hundreds of air defense missiles from the UK this month and urged allies to hasten military support in light of Russia's offensive in Kharkiv Oblast.