Russians attacked Kherson hospital at night, causing much destruction

The Russians fired mortars at the Kherson hospital and also hit the industrial premises of Ukrposhta [the Ukrainian National post service – ed.] on the night of 28 March.  No casualties were reported, but the premises have been severely damaged.

Russians shelled 9 oblasts and killed 8 people during the day.

The Russians attacked the territory of nine oblasts in Ukraine over the past day, killing eight civilians.

According to the information provided by the Situation Center of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, during the past day, Russian troops shelled the territory of nine oblasts of Ukraine.

It is reported that eight people have been killed and 66 more have been injured as a result of the attacks.

In total, 124 settlements were attacked using various types of weapons (mortars, tanks, artillery, MLRS, S-300 air defence systems, Kh-31 cruise missiles, tactical aircraft, and UAVs), and 76 infrastructure facilities have been damaged.

Putin's spokesperson told Russian elites in late 2022 that Ukraine war will last a long time

Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, said during a party in late December 2022 that Russia’s war against Ukraine would last a very long time.

he Guardian reported that during a dinner at the flat of a senior Russian state official in late December 2022, whose guests included members of Russia’s cultural and political elite, toasted a new year in which they expressed hope for peace.

Peskov, who was among the guests, said, "Things will get much harder. This will take a very, very long time."

His words darkened the mood of the evening among the guests, many of whom have said in private that they oppose the war in Ukraine.

"It was uncomfortable to hear his speech. It was clear that he was warning that the war will stay with us and we should prepare for the long haul," one guest is reported as saying.