China does not supply Russia with weapons – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence.

Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence has not yet recorded a single instance of China supplying weapons to Russia. According to Andrii Yusov, Spokesperson for Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence, information about China's rifles or body armor supply is being checked, but no cooperation facts have been recorded.

He also said there are cases when Putin's regime purchases drones and civilian goods from open sources that can be used for microchips, but there is no question of interstate aid.

e are not discussing weapons, and no such facts have been recorded. Of course, when we talk about today's visit of the Chinese leader to the so-called Russian Federation, it is a visit of a strong country, a strong regional international leader to a country and to a regime that is suffering a geopolitical defeat and is in a dead end: an economic one, a foreign policy one and in all other respects" - Yusov said.

Hungary blocks joint EU statement on Putin's arrest warrant in Hague.

Hungary has blocked a joint statement by the European Union member states on issuing an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin by the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Due to Budapest's veto, the EU's chief diplomat, Josep Borrell, issued a statement on his behalf, in which he "took note of the decision of the International Criminal Court."

"The EU sees the decision by the ICC as a beginning of the process of accountability and holding Russian leaders to account for the crimes and atrocities they are ordering, enabling, or committing in Ukraine," Borrell said in the statement published on Sunday evening.

In addition, on Monday, EU justice ministers issued their statement in support of the International Criminal Court's decision, which Hungary, again, did not sign.

The arrest warrant for the Russian president is expected to also appear in the conclusions of the European Council meeting to be held on 23-24 March. The draft conclusions cited by Bloomberg use wording similar to Borrell's statement.

According to Bloomberg’s sources, the leaders of some states may insist on more onerous wording regarding the decision of the International Criminal Court.