Putin not ready to talk about a just peace – Scholz.

erman Chancellor Olaf Scholz does not currently believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin is ready to negotiate a "just peace" in Ukraine.

"Is Putin even ready for negotiations on a return to these principles and a just peace? Nothing indicates this at the moment" - said Scholz.

Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt spoke about the principle of "balanced reciprocity" in view of the Helsinki process of the 1970s, but this is out of the question as long as Putin threatens the existence of Ukraine and at the same time the foundations of the European peace order, the Chancellor noted.

"It’s impossible to negotiate with a gun held to your head, except for your own submission," Scholz said.

Furthermore, it is all the more remarkable that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy presented proposals for a durable, just peace at the G20 summit in November, Scholz added.

Situation on border with Russia remains under control, occupiers continue to carry out provocations.

The situation on the border with Russia is under control, information suggesting that there is some "Ukrainian reconnaissance and sabotage group" on the territory of the Russian Federation is an informational provocation of the aggressor country.

Andrii Demchenko, spokesman of the State Border Guard Service reported: "The situation on the Ukrainian border with the aggressor country remains fully controlled, although of course the situation is quite difficult, which is primarily due to ceaseless daily shelling from the territory of Russia. The enemy is shelling both the border line and our border area, using artillery, small arms weapons and aircraft.

However, our soldiers keep an eye on the entire border line, where they perform their tasks in order to prevent invasion and any provocative actions of the enemy.

What the Russian public is currently spreading about some Ukrainian reconnaissance and sabotage group on the territory of Russia, I can note that Ukraine is not the aggressor, our main task is defence and protection from the occupying country.

I don't know anything about what could have happened on the territory of the Russian Federation, because a terrorist country is a kind of de-facto unstable entity that can deliberately try to blame Ukraine for everything."

Attack on Zaporizhzhia: 10 people missing.

10 people are considered missing, and two more have been killed as a result of a Russian missile attack on a five-storey residential building in the city of Zaporizhzhia.

The police reported that a woman and another person, whose sex is being specified, had been killed as a result of the attack.

As of the evening of 2 March, 10 people (six women, three men and a child) are considered missing.

Eight people (four men and four men) have been injured; seven of them were taken to the hospital, and one was examined by a doctor on the spot and let go.

The police reported that the information concerning the four victims has not been confirmed.

In particular, during the search and rescue operation, body fragments were found. It is not yet known whether they belong to one person or several.