Russia attacked Kherson, Dnipropetrovsk oblasts, bombarded Snake Island overnight

ussian tactical aviation fired on July 30 two air bombs at Ukraine’s Snake Island, located 35 kilometers from the mainland of Odesa Oblast, Southern Operational Command reported.

This marks Russia’s third attack on Snake Island over the last month, the military added without providing further details.

The military said that Russian troops also attacked agricultural enterprises in the Kherson Oblast and Kryvyi Rih district of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast with Shahed-136 kamikaze drones overnight. The attack was launched from the eastern coast of the Azov Sea.

According to the report, all four drones were destroyed.

Southern Operational Command said that the debris fell on the territory of one of the agricultural enterprises, causing a fire and damaging a warehouse.

There were no casualties, the military added.

Snake Island was captured by Russian forces at the onset of the full-scale invasion due to its strategic importance.

Ukrainian military confirmed striking bridge between Kherson Oblast and Crimea

The Ukrainian military confirmed that it had struck the Chonhar Bridge, connecting Russian-occupied part of Kherson Oblast and the occupied Crimean peninsula early on July 29.

The Strategic Communications Directorate of Ukraine's Armed Forces' confirmation comes shortly after Russian proxies in the occupied territories of Kherson Oblast accused Ukraine of attacking the railway connecting Dzhankoi in Crimea and Henichesk in Kherson Oblast with cruise missiles overnight.

Russian-installed proxy in Kherson Oblast Volodymyr Saldo claimed that Ukraine had “fired 12 long-range Storm Shadow missiles,” and that “Russian air defense downed all of them.”

The Russian Defense Ministry reported later in the day on July 29 that its air defenses had “downed seven Storm Shadow missiles” over the past day.

An outpost and infrastructure were “slightly damaged” by the missile debris, according to Saldo.

The Kyiv Independent could not independently verify the claims.

Dzhankoi, a train hub in northern Crimea, sits around 75 kilometers south of the port city of Henichesk.

On June 22, Russian proxies claimed that the Chonhar Bridge, a key connection between occupied Crimea and Ukraine’s mainland, was damaged in a strike. Saldo once again claimed that Storm Shadow missiles carried it out without providing evidence of their use.

Dzhankoi lies around 35 kilometers from the Chonhar Bridge.

Russia launched attack on Kharkiv with S-300 missiles

Russian forces launched strikes on Kharkiv using the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system, head of the Kharkiv military garrison Serhii Melnyk reported on Telegram on July 30.

Kharkiv mayor Ihor Terekhov said that fire erupted in non-residential buildings due to the attack.

No information on the number of casualties has been made available. A search and rescue mission was dispatched to the local scene.

The communities of Kharkiv, Bohodukhiv, Chuhuiv, and Kupiansk came under fire on July 29. Russia deployed artillery, mortar, and other armaments to shell them.

An air alert was announced throughout Ukraine early on July 31. It signaled the risk of missile attacks and preceded the strike in Kharkiv.

The number of injured civilians in the Russian missile attack on Dnipro raised to 10

The number of injured civilians in Russia's July 28 attack on Dnipro has increased to 10, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Governor Serhii Lysak reported on July 30.

According to him, a 14-year-old boy received injuries caused by the blast wave and will be treated at home.

On July 28, Russian forces attacked Dnipro with Iskander ballistic missiles and damaged an empty Security Service of Ukraine building and a 12-story residential building with no tenants.