Russian missile attack on Zaporizhzhia Oblast kills 7, injures 23, including children

The recent attack by Russian troops on the town of Vilniansk in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, Ukraine, resulted in a tragic loss of life and significant damage to infrastructure and residential areas. According to Ukraine's State Emergency Service, seven people, including two children, were killed, and at least 23 others were injured in the assault.

Vilniansk, a town close to the city of Zaporizhzhia, experienced several explosions following an air raid alert. The attack reportedly involved two missiles launched by Russia, targeting critical infrastructure such as a facility, a store, and residential buildings. The aftermath saw fires erupting in commercial premises, houses, and vehicles, adding to the destruction.

Governor Ivan Fedorov highlighted the egregious nature of the attack, emphasizing that it occurred during broad daylight on the weekend, in a location where civilians were enjoying their leisure time, far from any military targets. This incident underscores the indiscriminate and devastating impact of the ongoing conflict on civilian populations in Ukraine.

The State Emergency Service reported that among the injured are eight children. The casualty count may rise as rescue operations continue.

President Volodymyr Zelensky emphasized the daily impact of Russian strikes on our cities and communities. He outlined strategies to combat this, including targeting terrorists on the ground, disabling Russian missile launchers, deploying long-range weaponry, and bolstering Ukraine's modern air defense systems.

Vilniansk and other settlements in Zaporizhzhia Oblast endure daily Russian strikes due to their proximity to the front line.

According to the governor, Russian troops conducted 314 attacks on seven settlements in Zaporizhzhia Oblast in the past day.

DTEK: 90% of company's energy generating capacity lost due to Russian strikes

Ukraine's largest private energy company, DTEK, has suffered a devastating blow to its energy generation capabilities, losing almost 90% of its capacity due to repeated Russian attacks, CEO Ildar Salieiev revealed on June 28 via Facebook.

Salieiev reported that Russian forces targeted DTEK's thermal power plants more than 180 times, resulting in staggering losses amounting to at least $350 million. In response, DTEK has committed nearly $100 million (Hr 4 billion) from its own resources this year alone to repair the damaged plants. The company is also scouring global markets for spare equipment to facilitate urgent repairs and restoration efforts in Ukraine.

The assaults on Ukraine's critical energy infrastructure have escalated in recent months, prompting the implementation of rolling blackouts since May 15. These interruptions are expected to continue until the end of July due to scheduled maintenance at nuclear facilities overseen by state-owned operator Ukrenergo.

Salieiev emphasized that rebuilding the destroyed thermal power plants will be a lengthy process, spanning years rather than months, contingent on securing necessary equipment. Orders for manufacturing equipment have been placed across various continents to expedite the restoration process.

Despite the enormity of the damage inflicted by Russian attacks, Salieiev expressed determination that all DTEK facilities will eventually be restored. He underscored the ongoing, relentless efforts to repair and reconstruct amidst ongoing hostilities.

Search and rescue operations continue in Dnipro after Russian strike; two people rescued


The morning of Saturday, June 29th saw ongoing search and rescue efforts at a high-rise building in Dnipro, following damage caused by a Russian missile attack. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine reported that two individuals have been successfully rescued so far.

As of the latest update, the casualty count remains unchanged from earlier reports: one fatality and 12 injuries have been confirmed. The impact of the missile strike was concentrated in one stairwell, resulting in the destruction of apartments spanning from the seventh to the tenth floors. Additionally, eleven vehicles sustained damage due to the incident.

Firefighters managed to extinguish fires during the rescue operations, while considerable efforts were made to remove debris, totaling 190 tonnes of construction waste.

The situation underscores the ongoing challenges and humanitarian impacts of the conflict in Ukraine, with efforts focused on providing assistance to those affected and securing the affected area.