Russians bombard Kharkiv with glide bombs, 1 killed and 11 injured

Russians bombard Kharkiv with guided aerial bombs, 1 killed and 11 injured, metro suspends operation – video

On the afternoon of June 23, Russian forces launched a devastating attack on Kharkiv using guided aerial bombs. This brutal assault resulted in the death of one civilian and left 11 others injured.

Kharkiv's Mayor Ihor Terekhov provided grim details: "One person was killed and five were injured when a guided aerial bomb struck a private residential building. In another part of the city, a children's educational institution was hit, injuring three more people."

The strikes targeted two districts in Kharkiv: Shevchenkivskyi and Kholodnohirskyi. The impact was severe, causing about half of the city to lose power. Consequently, metro and ground electric transport services were suspended. "We are now working to deploy more buses on those routes to compensate," Terekhov said.

This tragic incident underscores the relentless nature of the conflict and the toll it continues to take on innocent civilians. The attack not only inflicted physical damage but also disrupted the daily lives of Kharkiv's residents, further highlighting the urgent need for peace and stability in the region.

Russians occupy Novooleksandrivka and approach Pokrovsk-Kostiantynivka highway

Russians occupy Novooleksandrivka and approach Pokrovsk-Kostiantynivka highway – DeepState

Russian forces have captured the village of Novooleksandrivka in Donetsk Oblast, near Ocheretyne, and have advanced toward the critical Pokrovsk-Kostiantynivka highway. According to the DeepState analytical project, the enemy is now attempting to solidify their position on the western outskirts of Novooleksandrivka.

Ukraine’s defense forces are actively counterattacking to prevent further Russian advances. The situation is critical, as only the settlement of Vozdvyzhenka now separates Russian forces from the strategic Pokrovsk-Kostiantynivka highway.

DeepState analysts highlight the importance of halting the Russian advance to prevent a repeat of the situation near Ocheretyne. Currently, the 47th, 68th, and 25th brigades, along with additional units, are bearing the brunt of the offensive, exhausting their resources while facing pressure on their flanks.

The capture of Novooleksandrivka marks a significant development in the ongoing conflict, with the potential to impact supply lines and strategic positioning in the region. The Ukrainian defense forces' efforts to repel further advances are crucial to maintaining control and preventing further territorial losses.

Russian missile wreckage damages 6 high-rise buildings, injuring 2 civilians in Kyiv oblast

Kyiv Oblast: Russian missile wreckage damages 6 high-rise buildings, injuring 2 civilians – photos

Russian missile wreckage caused significant destruction in a settlement in Kyiv Oblast, partially destroying residential buildings and leaving two people with minor injuries.

According to Ruslan Kravchenko, the Head of Kyiv Oblast Military Administration, and Ukraine's State Emergency Service (SES), the falling debris damaged six high-rise buildings and over 20 houses. The impact shattered windows and balconies, while also damaging facades and roofs.

Emergency responders were quick to the scene, assessing the damage and providing aid to the injured. The community is now dealing with the aftermath, working to repair the substantial damage to their homes and infrastructure.

Damage has also been reported to the premises of a petrol station, a chemist's shop, various businesses, a local authority building, and three cars.


The injured do not require hospitalisation.

Two fire appliances and 15 emergency workers are involved in dealing with the aftermath of the attack.

Increasing momentum in Donetsk Oblast may indicate beginning of Russian summer offensive

Russian troops are increasing their offensive in Donetsk Oblast while reducing attacks in northern Kharkiv Oblast, possibly preparing for a summer offensive, according to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

The recent surge in attacks on the Toretsk-Horlivka front from June 17-22, which led to several tactical gains, contrasts with the decreased activity in Kharkiv. This shift indicates a strategic move to hold Ukrainian forces in Kharkiv, freeing up Russian troops for key operations in Donetsk.

ISW reports that Russian forces aim to lock down Ukrainian manpower in the north, allowing for intensified efforts in Donetsk. Ukrainian sources confirm redeployments from Donetsk to Kharkiv, potentially creating vulnerabilities that Russia could exploit.

Russian shelling around Chasiv Yar and Avdiivka remains high, suggesting possible escalation. Ukrainian intelligence warns of a likely Russian summer offensive in the east, with recent actions in Donetsk hinting at preparations for this campaign.