Large-scale attack on Kherson: number of casualties rises to 23

The Russians launched attacks on residential areas in the city of Kherson on the afternoon of 16 June. Due to the attack, a medical institution, a kindergarten, a supermarket, residential houses, cars and electricity lines have been damaged.

All people injured have been taken to hospital. Three people are in severe condition, others received moderate or minor injuries. Many people have saved their lives by hiding in a bomb shelter.

Putin: I can destroy any building in Kyiv city centre, but I won't. Why? I will not say

Russian President Vladimir Putin assures that he can "destroy any building in the centre of Kyiv" without nuclear weapons, but does not do this "for a number of reasons"; yet, the Russian dictator refused to reveal those reasons.

"If we destroyed five Patriot systems near Kyiv, what would stop us from destroying any building or structure in the centre of Kyiv? There are no such restrictions. We don't do that for a number of reasons. But we can do that. Everyone understands this. Everyone is just waiting for us to start pressing the buttons [to use nuclear weapons – ed.], but there is no such need. This is the first reason – there is no such need, because the enemy has no successes on the frontline." - said Putin at the Economic Forum in St Petersburg.

According to Putin, the attacks on Russian territory are intended to provoke Russia to retaliate, so that others can "point fingers at us and say: ‘look how evil they are’, and to point this out to all our partners."

Russia fires Kalibr cruise missiles from Black Sea

The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has reported that the Russians launched Kalibr missiles from their naval vessels in the Black Sea, and an air-raid warning was issued in several oblasts.

The Ukrainian authorities have issued an air-raid warning in Mykolaiv, Kherson, Dnipropetrovsk, Kirovohrad, Cherkasy and Vinnytsia Oblasts.

The sound of sirens indicates the threat of missile strikes and air strikes. At this point, it is strongly recommended that civilians go to a shelter.

At 11:06 (Kyiv time), air-raid warnings also were issued in Poltava, Odesa, and Kyiv oblasts. Air-raid warnings began to be issued in Khmelnytskyi, Zhytomyr and Chernivtsi oblasts at 11:19. Explosions were reported in the capital of Ukraine at 11:34.

People were injured and private homes were damaged in Kyiv Oblast. Kyiv City Administration has reported that 6 Kinzhal aeroballistic missiles, 6 Kalibr cruise missiles and two reconnaissance UAVs were successfully destroyed in the airspace around Kyiv during a massive combined air attack on the capital.

Russians deploy troops from the second defense line in the South

The Russian occupiers in the first defense line are deploying their troops from the second defense line in some areas.

United Press Centre of the Defence Forces on the Tavriia front, referring to Valerii Shershen, spokesperson for the Defence Forces on the Tavriia front, reported that Russians have created engineering defense fencing, and every meter of the liberated territory is difficult to gain.

The Russian occupying troops in the south are fighting back fiercely and are deploying the reserves from the second defense line to the first defense line.