Rescue operations end at Kyiv children's hospital, at least 33 killed in capital overall

The search and rescue operations at the site of the Russian missile attack on Okhmatdyt hospital in Kyiv concluded on July 9, as reported by Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko. This attack resulted in the deaths of two people, including a doctor, and injured 32 others, with eight children hospitalized.

In total, at least 33 people, including four children, were killed in Kyiv due to the July 8 attack, and another 10 children are among the 117 injured. The Okhmatdyt hospital, Ukraine's largest children's medical center, suffered significant damage, with one building destroyed and four others damaged. Health Minister Viktor Liashko noted that over 600 patients and at least an equal number of staff members were present at Okhmatdyt and the nearby Ukrainian Center for Pediatric Cardiac Surgery at the time of the attack.

The Russian military used a Kh-101 cruise missile in the strike on Okhmatdyt, following a programmed route, according to preliminary data from the State Security Service (SBU).

Additionally, other districts in Kyiv were hit by Russian attacks. The bodies of three women and one boy were retrieved from the rubble of a residential building in the Shevchenkivskyi district on July 9, as reported by Mayor Vitali Klitschko.10-year-old Ukrainian athlete and his family killed in Russian attack on Kyiv.

10-year-old Ukrainian athlete and his family killed in Russian attack on Kyiv

10-year-old Ukrainian athlete and his family killed in Russian attack on Kyiv

On July 8, a Russian missile struck an apartment block in Kyiv's Shevchenkivskyi district, resulting in the tragic deaths of 10-year-old Maksym Symaniuk, his younger sister Anastasiia, and their mother Zoriana, 40. The Ukrainian Karate Federation reported the death of the family, noting that Maksym was professionally involved in karate, while Anastasiia was a gymnast.

The federation expressed deep condolences, stating, "Maksym Symaniuk. A Russian missile struck his home today, killing him, his mother, and his sister. Maksym will be forever ten years old. [We extend our] sincere sympathies to his father, the Champion club where Maksym trained, and his coach."

Alona Romanenko, reflecting on the loss, wrote, "A Russian missile killed a whole family. Today, Maksym Simaniuk had to accompany my son to a sports camp. They were both involved in the same sports club. One of the compartment's spaces is now empty. Everything is destroyed, including plans, unmet hopes, and little lives. There is no forgiveness for these inhumans who deliberately kill Ukrainian children."

This heartbreaking incident underscores the severe impact of the ongoing conflict on civilians, particularly children, and the irreplaceable loss faced by families and communities in Ukraine.

627 children were in Okhmatdyt Hospital during the Russian attack, most have been discharged

The missile strike on Okhmatdyt National Children's Specialized Hospital injured eight young patients and killed two adults, including Dr. Svitlana Lukianchuk. Over 50 people were injured. Health Minister Viktor Liashko reported that 94 of the hospital’s 627 patients were evacuated, while 68 remain in care, and 465 children were temporarily discharged.

The attack caused extensive damage to the hospital: the toxicology building, old surgical building, and a new facility were hit. The old surgical building's windows were blown out, affecting wards and an operating room. The new building saw damage to 12 wards, including surgical, oncological, intensive care units, and radiology.

Ukraine's only oncohematological laboratory was damaged, and two electrical substations were destroyed. The hospital was connected to mobile transformers, with inspections needed for potentially damaged lab equipment.