Ukrainian PM says Russia created the world’s most extensive minefield in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said Russia had created the world's largest minefield in his country.

According to the Prime Minister, Ukraine now has a 250,000-square-kilometer minefield due to Russia’s aggression.

"It's currently the largest minefield in the world. It's not only making it difficult for people to travel but also causing major disruptions in farming, which is one of our main industries", he said.

Commenting on concerns that the war is being prolonged, Shmyhal emphasized the need to continue sanctions on Russia and provide assistance to Ukraine.

"We're doing everything we can to end the war quickly. To this end, the international community must strictly maintain sanctions on Russia and strengthen them", said the Prime Minister.

Russians use prohibited incendiary ammunition to attack Kherson city.

he Russian invaders attacked the Tavriiskyi neighborhood of the city. Incendiary ammunition was used for the attack.

Fortunately, this Ruscist attack did not result in civilian casualties or infrastructure destruction.

t is allowed to use incendiary ammunition at military facilities only if they are remote from civilian areas.

Using flammable and combustible materials, such ammunition starts mass fires in areas with dry vegetation cover.

Russian forces deploy heavy artillery to shell the Nikopol district.

Russian occupation forces deployed heavy artillery to carry out two attacks on the Nikopol district.

They attacked two settlements: Chervonohryhorivka and Myrove. Around a dozen shells hit those hromadas.

There were no civilian casualties