Russian strike on Donetsk Oblast town wounds 3, including a child

A photo captured at an attack site in Myrnohrad in Donetsk Oblast on Jan. 28, 2024. (Donetsk Oblast Prosecutor's Office/Facebook)

In an overnight strike on Myrnohrad in Donetsk Oblast, Russian forces inflicted injuries on three individuals, including a child, according to the regional Prosecutor's Office on January 28. The town of Myrnohrad, situated just outside Pokrosvk, a Ukrainian stronghold in the western part of Donetsk Oblast, was targeted in the attack.

As a result of the strike, a 15-year-old boy and a 35-year-old man suffered mine-blast injuries, cut wounds, and bruises, while a 30-year-old individual was diagnosed with a head injury. The victims received emergency medical care following the attack, which occurred around 1:30 a.m. on January 28.

Beyond the human toll, the strike caused damage to 14 apartment buildings, educational institutions, and nine cars. The Donetsk Oblast Prosecutor's Office emphasized that prosecutors are actively working to document Russian war crimes against the civilian population in the region.

SBU uncovers mass fraud in weapons procurement

Ukraine's Security Service (SBU) uncovered a corruption scheme related to the procurement of nearly 100,000 mortar shells, valued at almost $40 million. The investigation revealed alleged involvement of officials from the Ministry of Defense and managers of the arms supplier Lviv Arsenal. The individuals implicated, including current and former high-ranking Defense Ministry officials and heads of associated companies, are accused of embezzling nearly UAH 1.5 billion in the purchase of the mortar shells.

The corruption scheme unfolded with a contract for shells secured with Lviv Arsenal in August 2022, six months into the full-scale invasion. Despite an upfront payment and funds transferred abroad, no arms were delivered, and a portion of the funds was allegedly moved to other foreign accounts. The SBU has issued "notices of suspicion" in the early stages of Ukrainian legal proceedings, with five individuals, spanning both the ministry and the arms supplier, implicated. One suspect was reportedly detained while attempting to cross the Ukrainian border.

Russia blocks international commission from investigating Il-76 crash

Russia has not yet provided information to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) regarding the crash of the Russian Il-76 transport plane in Belgorod Oblast, as stated by Ukraine's military intelligence spokesperson Andrii Yusov. Ukraine has called for an international investigation into the incident, which Russia claims was caused by Ukrainian air defenses, with the plane allegedly carrying 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war. Yusov emphasized that information about prisoners of war should be made public and shared with the ICRC for verification. Despite Russian claims, the ICRC has not received such information. Russia has rejected the possibility of an international commission investigating the crash. Ukraine's Ombudsman, Dmytro Lubinets, has sought clarification from the ICRC about whether Russia informed the organization about the supposed transport of Ukrainian prisoners of war.

The UN Security Council, responding to Russia's appeal, held an emergency meeting but was unable to provide a definitive statement on the incident. UN Undersecretary-General Rosemary DiCarlo stated that the UN is not in a position to verify the reports or the circumstances of the crash.