Ukraine's General Staff issues statement regarding Il-76 crash

In response to the downing of a Russian Il-76 aircraft in Russia, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine issued an official statement affirming their commitment to destroying delivery means and maintaining control of the airspace to counteract the terrorist threat. While the statement did not explicitly claim responsibility for the downed aircraft, Ukrainska Pravda's sources in the General Staff had earlier suggested that it was the Armed Forces of Ukraine that targeted the plane. The sources asserted that the Il-76 was transporting missiles for S-300 anti-aircraft systems and posed a threat to Kharkiv Oblast.

The General Staff emphasized the ongoing challenges faced by Ukraine in countering Russia's military actions, including a strategy of terror on the Kharkiv front. The statement highlighted the intensified missile attacks on Kharkiv Oblast over the past week, which resulted in 16 casualties, including a child, and 78 injuries. The military underscored their efforts to monitor missile launch points and logistics, particularly the use of military transport aircraft supplying the Belgorod airfield. The Armed Forces of Ukraine expressed their determination to continue measures against delivery means and maintain airspace control, specifically targeting the Belgorod-Kharkiv front to address the evolving terrorist threat.

Prisoner swap did not take place, downing of Il-76 aircraft indicates deliberate and planned actions by Russia – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence

In response to the Il-76 plane crash in Russia, Ukraine's Defence Intelligence reported that the scheduled prisoner exchange on January 24 did not take place. The Russian side attributed the cancellation to the shooting down of the Il-76 plane, which was allegedly transporting Ukrainian prisoners. Ukraine's Defence Intelligence emphasized a lack of reliable and comprehensive information about the passengers aboard the aircraft.

The statement highlighted that Ukraine had fulfilled all preparations for the exchange, delivering captured Russian servicemen on time to the agreed location. However, the Russian side failed to ensure the safety of Ukrainian soldiers, as stipulated in the agreements. The Ukrainian side was not informed about securing airspace near Belgorod within a specific timeframe, and details regarding the number of vehicles, routes, and transportation modes for the prisoners were not provided.

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence suggested that Russia's deliberate actions may have endangered the lives and safety of the prisoners, questioning the safety of landing a transport aircraft in a combat zone. The statement raised concerns about Russia's potential planned and deliberate actions aimed at destabilizing Ukraine and undermining international support for the country.

Russians carry out missile strike on Horniak, Donetsk Oblast


On January 24, at approximately 16:00, Russian forces targeted the city of Horniak in Donetsk Oblast, resulting in two fatalities and eight injuries. The Donetsk Oblast Prosecutor's Office, along with Ukraine's Ministry of Internal Affairs, reported that the attackers deployed a missile in the assault on the city. The specific type of weapon used is currently under investigation.

The missile struck a residential area, causing the deaths of two women aged 66 and 84. The incident adds to the ongoing hostilities in the region, contributing to the toll on civilian lives and further emphasizing the destructive impact of the conflict.

Prosecutors said eight people were injured, including a 16-year-old boy. He was hospitalised in a critical condition.

The final number of casualties is being established. Houses and vehicles were damaged.