Brovary tragedy: State Emergency Service reports 14 dead, including one child.

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine has clarified that as a result of the plane crash in Brovary on 18 January, 14 people died; one of them was a child.

According to the clarified information, after the identification, 14 dead people were found at the place of the helicopter crash, including 1 child and 9 people who were on board.

25 people were injured (including 11 children), and they were hospitalised (the information is being clarified).

Russian Foreign Minister on Zelenskyy's peace formula: "Out of the question".

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has stated that the plan for a peaceful settlement of the war between Russia and Ukraine, which was proposed by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, is "out of the question".

"Zelenskyy puts forward some absolutely ridiculous initiatives, a 10-point plan, where he squeezed in all he could: food security, energy security, biological security, withdrawal of Russian troops from everywhere, repentance of the Russian Federation, a tribunal, condemnation and so on. Negotiations with Zelenskyy on his initiatives are out of the question " - said Sergey Lavrov.

The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that there can be no negotiations at least because the president of Ukraine, in his words, "legislatively forbade negotiations with the Russian government."

Sumy region: Russians conduct 37 strikes on border area.

Russian occupiers struck the border areas of Sumy Oblast 37 times on 17 January.

Russian forces shelled the village of  Bilopillia  twice using mortars. There were 26 strikes.

The Russians also opened mortar fire on the village of Nova Sloboda with seven strikes recorded.

Russian soldiers attacked the village of Krasnopillia from Russian territory with four strikes recorded.

In all cases, there were no casualties or damage reported.