Putin orders new occupation troops commander in Ukraine to capture Donbas by March.

Andrii Yusov, the representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, has revealed that the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin ordered Valery Gerasimov, newly-appointed commander of the occupation forces in Ukraine, to capture Donbas by March.

"Nevertheless, we can talk about the priority front for Ruscists - it is Donbas. Another timeframe he [Putin – ed.] establishes for Gerasimov already as, let’s say, a new commander of the war against Ukraine, and Gerasimov lowering these goals more and more – a purpose of all this is capturing Donbas and forming a certain safe zone there by March already.

This is not the first timeframe. It got delayed every time. It will be a year since the start of the full-scale invasion and a year of them 'capturing Kyiv in three days'. They will not succeed this time as well," said Yusov.

Russians hit Kupiansk with S-300s, destroying the motor transport college.

Oleh Syniehubov, Head of Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration, has reported that the occupiers attacked Kupiansk with an S-300 missile system in the afternoon, hitting the premises of a motor transport college.

Syniehubov states that preliminary reports did not indicate any casualties, but the premises of the educational institution were almost destroyed.

Death toll rises to 45 after Russian attack on Dnipro.

Updated information indicates that the number of deaths caused by the Russian missile attack on a residential building in Dnipro city on 14 January has increased to 45 people, including six children.

The latest Russian attack damaged nine power generation units.

As a result of a massive missile attack on the Ukrainian energy system on Saturday, 14 January, nine units of thermal power plants, three primary substations, and an overhead line were damaged.

Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal reported this during a government meeting.

In particular, one unit of a thermal power plant in Ukraine's east and eight units of a thermal power plant in the west were damaged.

"This has led to an increase in the power deficit in the energy system. This forces us to apply emergency shutdowns every day, starting from 15 January," the prime minister explained.

At the same time, despite this, according to the head of the government, the power system survived, remaining integral and manageable.

"Repair works continue around the clock. Every day, we are working to ensure that Ukraine receives more generators, transformers, and other equipment to cope with the damage," Shmyhal added.

The government plans to purchase energy equipment worth more than €100 million with the funds of the Energy Support Fund.