Russian army strikes civil infrastructure in three oblasts – General Staff report.

On the 327th day of the full-scale war, on 16 January, the Russian invaders launched 2 missile attacks, 6 air strikes and more than 20 rounds of anti-aircraft missiles on Ukrainian territory; Ukrainian Rocket Forces and Artillery struck a command post, 8 clusters of Russian personnel, their fuel and lubricant warehouse materials and ammunition storage points.

During the day, the Russian occupiers launched 2 missile attacks and 6 air strikes and carried out more than 20 attacks from multiple-launch missile systems, in particular on the civilian infrastructure of Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson oblasts. There are dead and wounded among the civilian population...

Units of the Rocket Forces and Artillery of the Defense Forces of Ukraine struck a control post, eight clusters of Russian personnel, a fuel and lubricant warehouse, as well as the enemy's ammunition storage point.

Attack on Dnipro: death toll rises to 40 people.

The death toll has risen to 40 people, including three children, following a missile attack on a high-rise building in Dnipro, as of Monday morning.

Emergency workers reported that as of 13:00, 16 January, 39 people (including 6 children) were rescued, 40 people (including 3 children) were killed, and another 75 (including 14 children) were injured. 46 reports of missing persons have been received, and 12 missing people have been found.

Psychologists of the State Emergencies Service provided assistance to 98 victims. Search and rescue operations and dismantling of dangerous structural elements continue. Workers of utility services have removed more than 8,000 tonnes of construction rubble and 41 damaged vehicles.