Russian army attacked Kherson again, wounding a civilian.

Russian troops have attacked the Dniprovskyi district. They hit the residential area. The blast also blew out windows in a youth education center building belonging to Kherson City Council. In general, there were a lot of attacks.

Russia plans to attack a hospital in Luhansk Oblast and blame it on Ukraine.

According to the underground resistance movement, the occupiers are planning to attack a ward treating civilians, presumably to accuse Ukraine’s Armed Forces of carrying out this attack. The NRC reminds us that the occupiers are systematically attacking the temporarily occupied cities to create material for Russian propaganda and to manipulate citizens in the temporarily occupied territories.

The NRC also reports problems with the mood of the local population in the temporarily occupied territories of Luhansk Oblast linked to the worsening of the humanitarian crisis.

The NRC reports that one of the reasons is the transition of civilian medical facilities to serve the Russian military, due to which people are kicked out of hospitals or refused treatment.

Soledar shelled 86 times in 24 hours by Russian artillery.

In the last 24-hour period alone, there have been 86 attacks from various types of artillery on Soledar and its outskirts. The President also pointed out yesterday that the city has essentially been destroyed, and their war logic itself is incomprehensible because capturing ruins, as has happened before in Lysychansk or Sievierodonetsk, by sacrificing an enormous number of their soldiers appears to be very strange in the art of war, especially in modern 21st-century warfare.