Russian saboteurs try to cross Ukrainian border in Sumy Oblast.

A Russian sabotage and reconnaissance group has once again tried to cross the border in Sumy Oblast.

Yesterday [20 January], at about 05:00, a group of six people tried to move from the territory of the Russian Federation to the town of Yunakivka hromada.

Ukrainian forces opened fire, and the enemy ran away.

Czechia denies readiness to give Ukraine Leopard tanks it received instead of T-72.

The Ministry of Defenсe of the Czech Republic has denied information about the country’s readiness to transfer Leopard 2 tanks received from Germany to Ukraine as compensation for the delivery of Soviet-style T-72 tanks to Kyiv.

Foreign media have reported that the Czech Republic and Slovakia were allegedly ready to give up Leopard 2 tanks in favor of Ukraine. This information is not true. No one has asked or proposed that the Czech Republic send the tanks which, according to a previous agreement, it will receive from Germany as compensation for aid to Ukraine," the statement reads.

The ministry said that nothing similar was discussed at the meeting of the Defence Contact Group at the Ramstein base, where representatives of five dozen countries discussed further military support for Ukraine.

Russian occupiers convert kindergartens into military hospitals – General Staff.

Due to significant losses, Russian occupation forces in Kherson Oblast are converting kindergartens into military hospitals.

In addition to taking over hospitals in the temporarily occupied settlements in Kherson Oblast, which are now overflowing, Russian occupiers are converting kindergartens into military hospitals.

Ukraine to get "all the help" it needs to fight Russia – Biden.

US President Joe Biden has responded to a question about sending Leopard tanks to Ukraine by saying that Ukraine will receive "all the help" it needs to fight against Russian troops.

As he was leaving a White House event, Biden said that "Ukraine is going to get all the help they need" when a reporter asked if he supported Poland's goal to send the German-made tanks to Ukraine.


  • Boris Pistorius, the Federal Minister of Defence of Germany, has said that Western allies did not agree on giving Ukraine Leopard 2 battle tanks during the Ramstein format meeting. Still, he instructed his Ministry to prepare for "the day that may come."
  • President Volodymyr Zelenskyy expressed his gratitude to US President Joe Biden and the American people for pledging a powerful defense support package to Ukraine.