Number of casualties in Kyiv Oblast increases to 3 after Russian morning attack

The impact of the Russian missile attack on Kyiv Oblast on February 7 has resulted in an increase in the number of people injured. According to Ruslan Kravchenko, the Head of Kyiv Oblast Military Administration, the casualty count has risen to three individuals. The injuries reported are minor, including cuts to the face and limbs, as well as light contusions. All affected individuals have received necessary medical treatment.

Moreover, the damage extends to various structures, with 58 private homes, six apartments in five apartment buildings, a cultural center, an educational institution, a post office, and 12 passenger cars being affected by falling debris. The aftermath of the attack has left a significant impact on the local infrastructure and residential areas.

Russians struck Kharkiv with North Korean missiles

Russians struck Kharkiv with North Korean missiles, says police – photo

Serhii Bolvinov, the head of the Investigation Department of the Main Department of National Police in Kharkiv Oblast, has reported that two out of the five missiles used in the Russian attack on Kharkiv on February 7 are believed to be of North Korean origin. This information points to a concerning development, indicating potential international involvement in the ongoing conflict. The use of missiles from North Korea raises questions about the scope and nature of foreign support for Russia's military actions in Ukraine.


Ukraine downed 29 missiles, 15 drones launched by Russia

Ukrainian air defenses successfully intercepted 44 out of the 64 Russian projectiles launched on February 7, according to the Ukrainian Air Force. The intercepted weaponry included 29 missiles and 15 drones. The attack targeted several Ukrainian regions, resulting in at least one person killed and at least 13 injured. The Russian assault involved a combination of Shahed-type "kamikaze" drones and various types of missiles.

The Ukrainian defenses managed to destroy all three Kalibr missiles and 26 X-101/555/55 cruise missiles. This attack is part of a series of large-scale assaults conducted by Russia in recent weeks and months.