Russia gathers troops near Kupiansk, Ukraine is building fortifications

Russia is reportedly concentrating its forces near Kharkiv Oblast's Kupiansk, indicating renewed pressure on the logistics juncture. Ukrainian forces have responded by establishing a line of defense with robust fortifications. The situation is described as "very difficult," with Russia deploying significant equipment, reserves, mobilized soldiers, and even units comprised of convicts. The military dynamics suggest Russia's efforts to stretch Ukrainian forces after the capture of Avdiivka.

There are concerns that if the West delays military assistance, Russia may replicate successful tactics on a larger scale. The region remains a focal point in the ongoing conflict.

Russians struck Kharkiv Oblast with S-300 missiles

Russian forces launched a missile strike from an S-300 anti-aircraft system on the village of Pisochyn in Kharkiv Oblast, targeting grain storage facilities and causing damage to agricultural machinery. Over 15 settlements in Kharkiv Oblast, including Kozacha Lopan, Strilecha, Hatyshche, Dvorichna, Synkivka, Petropavlivka, among others, were subjected to Russian artillery and mortar strikes. Attacks occurred in Skrypai, Velykyi Burluk, Kupiansk-Vuzlovyi, Vovchansk, Losivka, and Kurylivka, resulting in damaged houses, utility buildings, and a grain storage facility. Two Shahed UAVs struck a sports facility in Skrypai, damaging three buildings. In Velyki Prokhody, a mine explosion killed a 32-year-old and a 19-year-old man. The situation in Kharkiv Oblast remains critical, with ongoing attacks and casualties reported.

Russians attacked Dnipro City residential districts

Russians attack Dnipro City residential districts, damaging 10 private houses and several cars – photo

A Russian attack on the evening of February 25 caused damage to residential districts in the city of Dnipro, with a total of 10 private houses and several cars affected. The extent of the damage and the impact on residents are yet to be detailed. The situation underscores the ongoing threat and impact of Russian military actions on civilian areas in Ukraine.


Ukraine withdraws from Lastochkyne near Avdiivka

Ukrainian forces have withdrawn from the village of Lastochkyne near Avdiivka in Donetsk Oblast, according to Dmytro Lykhovii, a spokesperson for Ukraine's Tavria Group. The withdrawal is explained by the need to set up defenses near neighboring settlements and prevent further Russian advances. Lastochkyne is located west of Avdiivka, and Ukrainian troops retreated to the western outskirts of the village, establishing defensive positions. This move follows the withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from Avdiivka on February 17, prompted by ammunition shortages. The situation highlights the ongoing challenges faced by Ukrainian forces in the face of Russia's renewed offensive.