Talks with Biden Were Very Fruitful, Their Results Will Have Impact on the Battlefield — Zelenskyy.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said that today's negotiations with his American counterpart Joe Biden were "fruitful" and "very crucial."

"We hope this year 2023 will become a year of victory," Sky News quotes Zelenskyy.

He also said that he will continue to do everything possible to make sure the democratic world "wins in this historic fight."

According to him, Ukraine is facing a very difficult period, he explains, but it will make "historic achievements" with the help of the US and the rest of the world.

"Negotiations today were very fruitful, very important and very crucial," he says, adding that the results will "definitely" have an impact on the battlefield.

The rebuilding and recovery of justice is also important... and the aggressor has to take responsibility for the aggression and reimburse the damage," Zelenskyy said, before thanking the US for its support in ensuring this.

As reported, US President Joe Biden, during his visit to Kyiv, announced a new package of US military assistance and additional sanctions against Russia for its aggression.

Russians shell Antonivka in Kherson Oblast again, killing a hospital employee and his wife.

Russian invaders have shelled the village of Antonivka in Kherson Oblast. An employee of the children's oblast clinical hospital and his wife were killed in the attack.

According to the message, the projectile exploded near two residents, a husband and a wife. They received mine blast injuries and died on the spot.

Russia lacks reserves to strengthen the main phase of offensive in Luhansk Oblast – ISW

The 19 February report by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) states that the main phase of Russia's offensive is taking place in Luhansk Oblast, but the invaders lack the reserves to increase the scale or intensity of this offensive.

The analysts note that the main phase of Russian offensive operations in Luhansk Oblast is ongoing, and Russia probably does not have sufficient uncommitted reserves to increase the scale or intensity of the offensive this winter.

According to the Institute’s data, Russian conventional ground forces are generally deploying and fighting in normal doctrinal formations and units, rather than in battalion tactical groups or other ad hoc structures.

"The observed absence of several critical tank units suggests that the Russian military continues to struggle to replace equipment, especially tanks, lost during previous failed offensive operations," the report reads.

The experts add that the Russian forces almost certainly still have some reconstituted mechanised units in reserve, but the commitment of these limited reserves to Luhansk Oblast frontline is unlikely to change the course of the ongoing offensive dramatically.

According to the Institute, the Russian offensive will very likely continue for some time and may temporarily gain momentum as the final reserves are committed - if they are - but will very likely culminate well short of its objectives and likely short of achieving operationally significant gains.