About 6 Russian balloons were spotted over Kyiv, most of them shot down.

Preliminary, about six enemy air targets were detected in Kyiv's airspace. According to the information being clarified, these were balloons that moved in space, affected by the wind.

Air defence systems hit all the air targets. Most of these probes were shot down.

Kyiv City Military Administration reports that the balloons could have carried angular reflectors and reconnaissance equipment. According to the KCMA, launching the balloons was to detect and deplete Ukrainian air defence systems.

The final determination of the type and characteristics of the aircraft and their equipment will be made after the analysis of the remains of the downed objects.

Russians tried to break through State Border Guard positions in Donetsk Oblast, and 60 occupiers were killed.

On Tuesday, border guards and soldiers of Ukraine's Armed Forces repelled an attempt by the occupiers to break through the defence lines of the State Border Guard Service in Donetsk Oblast; the Russians lost 60 people and retreated.

Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service reports that the Russian occupiers attempted to break through the defence line of the Border Guard unit on one of the fronts in Donetsk Oblast.

Since dawn, the artillery of the Russian occupying forces has carried out a massive shelling of the border guard unit's stronghold. After the shelling was over, the Russian infantry launched an offensive. The border guards determined the direction of the main attack, manoeuvred the unit, and began to repel the attack.

The occupiers expected to succeed in the assault due to their significant advantage in manpower.

Bakhmut is a living wall that buys us time to get ready for liberation – Zelenskiy.

Bakmut and Vuhledar are the hottest spots on the frontline, yet the Ukrainian Armed Forces are causing heavy casualties to the occupiers.

"Amongst all the tough situations on the front in our country, by far the tensest and most complicated one is there [on the Bakhmut front – ed.]. I would add the Vuhledar front to this list as well."

"This fortress [Bakhmut – ed.] still lives. By living, I mean a living wall consisting of people. Such a high price does the history of our country pay for this war. Nevertheless, the people are unbowed; they are protecting this city, and they hold their positions, comprehending that they are a fortress, which allows the rest of Ukraine to get ready for liberation of all its territories.

They stand firmly, execute their missions and kill – probably the most important thing today – kill the enemy as much as possible," said Ukarinian President.