Russian occupiers likely involve Kurd mercenaries to curate Shahed attack – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence.

The Russian occupiers allegedly engaged foreign mercenaries to organise Shahed drone attacks on the territory of Ukraine on 10 February.

The Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine's Defence Ministry has released an interception of conversations of the Russian occupiers during the mass attack on Ukrainian territory by Shahed kamikaze drones on 10 February.

Quote: "This is a short dialogue between two Shahed drone operators who specify the target coordinates. In doing so, the interlocutors communicate in a dialect of the Kurdish language interspersed with words in Farsi.

That is, the command of the occupying forces involves not only Iranian instructors who teach Russians how to use drones in attacks on the territory of Ukraine. This interception may indicate that Kurdish mercenaries with combat experience in the use of Shaheds are also fighting on the Ruscist side.

Russian troops have already engaged armed units consisting of Kurdish and Afghan mercenaries during their operations in Syria."

Russian occupiers demolished and turned houses in Mariupol into concrete chips.

The Russian occupiers decided that many buildings in the city they had destroyed were "unsuitable for rebuilding due to the reduced strength of building materials and supporting structures".

Such buildings are being demolished in four districts of Mariupol.

A shredding machine was brought to the occupiers; it will grind "construction waste" into concrete chips, which are then used in road construction.

Russian forces hit Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, damaging multi-storey buildings and killing one person.

After a night of silence, the aggressor hit Nikopol in the morning [12 February]. They [Russian troops] used tube artillery.

A 53-year-old woman has been killed. There is also an 87-year-old pensioner who was injured. She has a shrapnel wound.

Russians take away houses from locals in occupied Kherson Oblast – General Staff.

Russian occupiers are taking away houses from the local population in settlements in the temporarily occupied part of Kherson Oblast.

There are attempts by the occupiers’ so-called local administration to seize houses from the local population in Brylivka and Novokyivka in the temporarily occupied territory of Kherson Oblast.

The General Staff has pointed out that military servicemen from the Russian occupation forces are actively going door-to-door and checking whether citizens have registration and documents justifying house ownership.

In addition, as per the information available to the General Staff, abandoned houses are sealed with notices that the so-called local administration of the occupiers now owns this building.