Putin explains why he is destroying the Ukrainian energy system: it is revenge.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has admitted that Russia is destroying Ukrainian energy facilities and leaving millions of Ukrainians without communications (electricity, heating, and water) because Ukraine allegedly blew up the Crimean Bridge.

There is currently a lot of noise about our strikes on the energy infrastructure of the neighboring country. Yes, we are doing it. But who started it?

Who hit the Crimean Bridge? Who blew up the power line from the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant? And who did not supply water to Donetsk?

Not supplying water to a city of millions is an act of genocide. No one has said a word about it anywhere. In general, there is complete silence.

As soon as we want to do something in response, [there is] noise, din, and crackle for the whole universe. This will not prevent us from performing combat missions," Putin said.

Russian Forces deploy Grad multiple rocket launchers to Zaporizhzhia NPP and place them near nuclear fuel storage.

Russian forces have brought several Grad multiple rocket launchers (MRL) to occupied ZNPP [Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant], which may indicate future provocations.

The invaders placed this weapon near power unit No.6, directly next to the territory of the station dry spent fuel storage facility, where some "protective structures" were previously built in secret, violating all conditions for the organization of nuclear and radiation safety.

The most likely provocation being prepared is an attack on the opposite bank of the Dnipro River, in particular the cities of Nikopol and Marhanets [Dnipropetrovsk Oblast – ed.], firing these Grad systems directly from the ZNPP site, using the "cover" of power units and spent fuel storage facility.

Heating has been restored to 60% of consumers in Kherson.

The city’s municipal services continue to repair the networks to supply heating to the rest of the houses.

"Despite attacks and constant power outages, experts are bringing back the heating to the liberated Kherson with titanic efforts. All of them risk their own lives and health every day because energy infrastructure facilities, as you know, are in the enemy’s spotlight.

Understanding the scale of network destruction and the overall situation in the city, I can say that this is heroic work. Thanks to all the experts, in particular the employees of Naftogaz Teplo [a branch of Naftogaz producing electricity and thermal energy], who are bringing life back to the liberated city today. Your contribution is significant," said Oleksii Chernyshov, Head of the Executive Board of the National Joint Stock Company Naftogaz of Ukraine.

Naftogaz explained that due to the significant destruction of networks in most city neighborhoods, restoring the supply to all houses at once is challenging, but "the city's municipal services are working on providing heating 24/7."

"We thank the Kherson Oblast Military Administration for the cooperation, which contributed to launching the heat carrier. Now the main work falls on municipal services, which are responsible for restoring networks and ensuring the supply of heating to residents' homes," Chernyshov added.