Stolen or damaged Ukrainian grain is valued at US$1.9 billion - Kyiv School of Economics revises NASA Harvest data.

he Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) estimates that US$1.87 billion worth of agricultural produce has been stolen or damaged as a result of the full-scale invasion.

This is indicated by KSE data on damage and losses in the agricultural sector.

A review of the damage caused to the agricultural sector by the war as at 10 November estimates that 2.8 million tonnes of grain and 1.2 million tonnes of oil crops, with a total value of $1.87 billion, have been destroyed or stolen as a result of the full-scale invasion.

KSE adds that due to limitations in the original questionnaire, the two causes of produce loss cannot be reviewed separately.

To estimate the volume and value of stolen and destroyed produce for each of the oblasts affected, KSE used the estimated amount of grain and oil crops that were in the oblast at the time of the invasion, as well as the share of agricultural land in the oblasts that were or currently are under temporary occupation.

According to the NASA Harvest study, the Russian Federation has stolen at least US$1 billion worth of Ukrainian grain.

Occupiers fire upon Kherson again: 19 people dead in two weeks.

On 4 December, Russian occupiers once again attacked liberated Kherson - with no civilian casualties this time. Yet in the last two weeks, 19 people died and 39 more were injured as a result of Russian missile attacks.

According to the City Council, from 20 November to 4 December at 14:00, 169 missile strikes have been reported in total. As a result of these attacks, 19 civilians were killed; 39 more, among them a child, were injured.

Russia holds 100 Kalibre cruise missiles in two seas.

As of 4 of December, Russia has 21 ships on combat duty in the Black Sea, four of which carry 24 Kalibr cruise missiles in total.

As of 4 December, 21 Russian ships are on combat duty in the Black Sea, four of them carry 24 Kalibr missiles in total;

In the Mediterranean Sea there are nine enemy ships, with Kalibr missiles carried by five of them. These ships carry 76 missiles in total.