Today, the terrorist state of the Russian Federation again launched a massive missile attack on civilian objects in our country, - Zaluzhny.

The enemy launched more than 20 air-launched cruise missiles using Tu-95ms strategic bombers from the Caspian Sea and ground-based missile systems. The forces and means of our air defense destroyed 12 cruise missiles: 6 within Kyiv, 5 in Zhytomyr, and 1 in the Khmelnytskyi region.

Casualties were reported in Mykolaiv and Khmelnytskyi Oblast due to the Russian attack.

According to Vitalii Kim, Head of Mykolaiv Oblast Military Administration, and Serhii Hamalii, Head of Khmelnytskyi Oblast Military Administration, six people in Mykolaiv and seven in Khmelnytskyi Oblast were wounded due to a missile attack by the Russian Federation on Saturday, 31 December.

Ukraine brings back another 140 prisoners of war.

Ukraine and the Russian Federation conducted another exchange of prisoners of war. Ukraine brought back 140 people on Saturday, 31 December.

This is another big exchange that was successfully carried out: 140 people are coming home.

Among them are wounded, the defenders of Mariupol, Snake Island, volunteers of Territorial Defence Forces from Slavutych, and fathers and sons who were in captivity together, as well as ours [defenders] from the Bakhmut front.

Eighty-two fighters from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 15 from the Territorial Defence Forces, 22 from the National Guard, 11 from the Navy, and ten from the State Border Guard Service.

One hundred thirty-two men and eight women, 22 officers, and 118 sergeants and soldiers.