Russia has sent six cargo IL-76s to Belarus in the past 13 hours.

Six Il-76MD military transport planes, which could be transporting mobilized personnel and delivering equipment, have flown from Russia to Belarus over the last 13 hours.

All the planes are transporting something, but what exactly is still unknown. For example, it may be a delivery of equipment or a rotation of mobilized personnel.

The maximum capacity of each IL-76MD is 245 people so the planes could transport up to 1,470 soldiers.

Russia starts the withdrawal process from Council of Europe treaties.

Russia launched the procedure of denunciation of agreements to which it was a party as a member country of the Council of Europe.

According to a published document dated 29 December, the Russian government sent a proposal to President Vladimir Putin to put before the State Duma a proposal to suspend the Council of Europe's international treaties on Russia, which is the first step in the procedure.

Russia plans a new wave of mobilization from 5 January – Chief of Ukraine's Defence Intelligence.

The Russian leadership decided to start a new wave of mobilization on 5 January 2023 due to the lack of manpower.

Kyrylo Budanov, Chief of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, informed :

"They decided to start another wave of mobilization from 5 January. I do not know if they will announce it specifically on the 5th. However, 5 January is when they planned it for.

They will have to start a new wave of mobilization, even because the past mobilization, which supposedly ended, did not stop, and people are being mobilized in full swing."

In Budanov’s opinion, there will be no changes compared to the previous wave. However, Russian military leaders have already adapted [to the course of this campaign], so the process will be more straightforward.

On top of that, according to the head of Ukrainian Defence Intelligence, the Russians have huge problems with equipping existing units and forming new ones: "They already lack manpower."