Ukrainian air defense downs 54 Russian cruise missiles out of 69 launched.

Ukrainian air defenses have destroyed 54 cruise missiles out of the 69 launched by Russian forces on the morning of 29 December.

The enemy continues its missile terror against peaceful citizens of Ukraine.

This morning, the aggressor launched air and sea-based cruise missiles and anti-aircraft-guided missiles toward the S-300 air defense system at our country’s energy infrastructure facilities.

According to preliminary reports, 69 missiles were used in the strike. The forces and resources of the Defence Forces of Ukraine destroyed 54 enemy cruise missiles.

Belarusian Foreign Ministry expresses protest to Ukraine’s Ambassador due to fall of S-300 missile.

The Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned Ihor Kyzym, Ambassador of Ukraine, to protest the fall of a missile from an S-300 air defense system on the territory of Belarus.

Belarusian state-owned news outlet Belta informed:"Belarusian air defense forces shot down a Ukrainian missile of the S-300 complex over the territory of Belarus today. This is a severe incident. And the Belarusian side takes this issue as seriously as possible. In this regard, Ihor Kyzym, Ukraine's Ambassador, was summoned to Belarus' Ministry of Foreign Affairs today, to which a strong protest was lodged."

The authorities of Belarus demanded that Ukraine "conduct a thorough investigation of all the circumstances of the missile launch, bring to justice those responsible and take comprehensive measures to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents in the future".

Ukraine is ready to conduct an investigation into the alleged fall of a missile in Belarus, - the Ministry of Defense.

The Ukrainian side is aware of the Kremlin's desperate and persistent efforts to involve Belarus in its aggressive war against Ukraine. Ukraine is ready to invite authoritative experts from among the states that are not related to the support of the Russian Federation to participate in such an investigation.

Russians strike Kharkiv again: casualties reported.

On the afternoon of 29 December, Russian troops struck the city of Kharkiv and Kharkiv Oblast again; one person was killed, and two others were wounded.

Russian missiles were reported in the oblast. All of them were aimed at critical infrastructure facilities.

Quote from the head of Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration: "Preliminary reports indicate that, unfortunately, a 50-year-old man was killed due to the occupiers' strikes, and two others were injured. They were hospitalized in moderate condition."