Russian forces hit center of Kherson, killing eight and wounding dozens of people.

The Russian troops hit the center of Kherson on 24 December; eight people have been killed and 35 wounded, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.

There are reports of 35 wounded, and 16 of them are in serious condition.

The Prosecutor’s Office states that eight people have been killed.

Three battalions were sent to the Ukrainian border in Belarus – Joint Forces Commander.

A motorized rifle battalion and two tank battalions have been assigned to move to areas bordering the state border of Ukraine,   said Lt  Gen. Serhii Naiev, the commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to the commander, the Defence Forces also worked out elements of countering the landing of air troops and sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the enemy in the area of the critical infrastructure object – inflicting fire damage by mortar and artillery batteries, encircling the enemy, crossing a water barrier, repelling a massive attack by unmanned aerial vehicles and destroying hostile forces by all available means.

Russians hit Zaporizhzhia suburbs overnight, causing destruction.

On the night of 24 December, Russian invaders fired rockets at the suburbs of Zaporizhzhia, destroying a gymnasium.

Russians fired rockets at the suburbs of Zaporizhzhia.

Several of them ended up hitting a gymnasium in the Stepne hromada. Houses nearby were also damaged." [A hromada is an administrative unit designating a town, village or several villages and their adjacent territories.]

Russians fire at DTEK station: there are dead and injured, and electricity production is stopped.

Russian invaders fired at one of DTEK's energy facilities on Friday evening, 23 December. The station has stopped generating electricity; one employee was killed, and one was injured.

Russians attacked the Sumy Oblast border 45 times.

On 23 December, the Russians performed 45 attacks on Krasnopillia and Esman hromadas [an administrative unit designating a town, village, or several villages and their adjacent territories] in Sumy Oblast.

The Russians deployed artillery to fire on Esman hromada, with 20 attacks reported. In addition, the Russians fired 12 machine-gun and five small-arms rounds toward Ukrainian territory. The village nursing and midwifery center was damaged by shell explosions, with all the windows in the building and the roof is damaged.