Russian attacks in Nikopol killed 2, injured 1

morning of December 21, resulting in a tragic loss of life and injuries. Two women, aged 46 and 60, lost their lives, and an 86-year-old man sustained injuries in the assault. The use of heavy artillery by Russian forces caused significant damage to residential homes and other civilian structures.

Governor Serhii Lysak reported the distressing news, highlighting the ongoing challenges faced by Nikopol, which has frequently become the target of Russian attacks. The 86-year-old man, found amid the wreckage of a destroyed house, was swiftly transported to the hospital for medical attention.

This regrettable incident underscores the continued impact of the conflict in Ukraine, resulting in substantial human suffering and destruction of communities. As we stand witness to these tragic events, our thoughts are with the affected families, and we hope for a swift resolution to bring peace and stability to the region.

Kremlin rules out peace negotiations with Ukraine

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov asserted on December 20 that there are currently no grounds for initiating peace negotiations with Ukraine. Ukraine had presented a 10-point "peace formula" in November 2022, emphasizing the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukrainian territories as a crucial precondition for any talks, a condition Russia has consistently rejected. The statement from Peskov comes amid ongoing tensions and military actions between Russia and Ukraine. The sentiment for peace negotiations involving significant territorial concessions is notably unpopular among Ukrainians, with a recent poll indicating that 74% of the population opposes such concessions. Ukrainian and Western leaders have also expressed skepticism about Russia's intentions for genuine peace negotiations.

12-year-old girl from Luhansk Oblast dies after "health improvement trip" to Russia's Tyumen

A tragic incident involving a 12-year-old girl from the temporarily occupied territory of Luhansk Oblast has been reported, resulting in her death after a health improvement trip to Tyumen, Russia. More than 100 students who participated in the same trip have been hospitalized, with over 30 exhibiting high temperatures. The children are currently undergoing medical examinations, blood tests, and isolation from others in a hospital in Saratov Oblast. The circumstances surrounding the girl's death are distressing, as she reportedly lost consciousness on the train, and efforts to save her were unsuccessful. The incident has raised concerns about the health conditions and appropriateness of such health improvement trips, particularly in cold regions during winter.