Invaders hit critical infrastructure facilities in Kherson, killing 2 people.

The occupiers have struck Kherson Oblast 42 times over the past day. They hit a critical infrastructure facility in the city of Kherson, killing two people.

Yaroslav Yanushevych, Head of Kherson Oblast Military Administration reported that The Russian occupiers attacked the territory of Kherson Oblast 42 times. They fired from artillery, multiple launch rocket systems, mortars, tanks, and launched a rocket attack on the oblast.

According to Yanushevych, residential blocks in Kherson were attacked. The invaders hit a critical infrastructure facility, an educational institution, and the building of the Kherson Oblast Military Administration, as well as private houses and apartment buildings.

There are also casualties among civilians. The Russians killed two people, and three residents suffered wounds of varying degrees of severity over the past day.

Russia attacks border districts of Sumy Oblast 83 times.

Russian occupiers have attacked border districts of Sumy Oblast 83 times in the course of the past 24 hours.

The hromadas [an administrative unit designating a town, village or several villages and their adjacent territories - ed.] of Velyka Pysarivka, Krasnopillia, Myropil, Yunakivka, Khotin and Shalyhyne came under fire.

Three houses and a power line were damaged as a result of the Russian attacks.

Russia to train Belarusian pilots on aircrafts within special combat unit – Putin.

In Minsk, Russian and Belarusian dictators, Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko, discussed joint production of new military equipment and training of Belarusian military pilots by Russians.

Alexander Lukashenko, the self-proclaimed president of Belarus, and Vladimir Putin, the president of the Russian Federation, are having meetings in Minsk and giving press conferences between the talks.

Belarus will start chairing the Collective Security Treaty Organization on 1 January, Putin said.

Joint military planning is being conducted between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, the Russian-Belarusian regional grouping of troops is operating, measures are currently being taken to coordinate the combat of units and military units on the territory of Belarus, and "a unified air defence system has been created and is on combat duty," Russian president emphasised.

"We agreed to continue jointly to take all necessary measures to reliably ensure the security of our two countries. To give priority attention to the training of the troops, to increase their combat readiness, combat capacity, and to continue the practice of regular joint exercises and other measures of operational and combat training.

To carry out mutual supplies of requested weapons and jointly engage in production of new military equipment.

I consider it possible to continue and implement the proposals of the President of Belarus to train the crews of combat aircraft of the army of Belarus, which have already been converted for the possible use of air-based ammunition with a special combat unit" said Vladimir Putin.