Ukraine directly controls Black Sea oil rigs, undermining Russia's reconnaissance capabilities

Ukraine's military intelligence revealed on April 8 that Russia's reconnaissance capabilities in the sky, on water, and on land had been significantly hindered following Ukraine's regaining control of a set of oil drilling platforms in the Black Sea last autumn.

Last September, Kyiv announced the successful recapture of the platforms, commonly referred to as the Boyko Towers in Ukraine, along with two mobile rigs. These platforms, originally acquired by Ukraine during Yurii Boyko's tenure as energy minister from 2010 to 2012 under President Viktor Yanukovych, were occupied by Russia after the illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Russian forces had transformed the platforms into military installations, equipping them with radar and helipads, according to military intelligence reports.

Dmytro Pletenchuk, spokesperson for Ukraine's Navy, noted in autumn 2023 that while the Boyko Towers were under Ukraine's "fire control," they remained in a "gray zone" due to ongoing activity by Russian military aircraft in the vicinity.

During the operation to reclaim the platforms, Ukrainian forces reportedly dismantled the radar systems, rendering Russia's Navy unable to effectively monitor the surrounding Black Sea area.

In a televised program aired on April 5, Ukrainian officials confirmed the strategic utilization of the towers, although specific details were not disclosed.

As a result of this successful operation, Russia's "zone of influence" has been diminished, while Ukraine's military capabilities in the Black Sea region, including Crimea, have expanded, according to Yusov.

Russia uses trolls to undermine US support for Ukraine

According to a report from the Washington Post on April 8, Moscow is actively seeking to undermine U.S. support for Ukraine by leveraging its troll farms and political strategists. This effort comes at a crucial time when Kyiv is in dire need of further American assistance.

Internal Kremlin documents obtained by a European intelligence service revealed Moscow's attempts to sow discord and influence American public opinion regarding aid to Ukraine.

U.S. aid to Ukraine has faced delays since fall 2023, as disagreements over border security have hindered the passage of various versions of a foreign aid bill.

In February, a $95 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan received bipartisan support and passed in the Senate. However, House Speaker Mike Johnson has refrained from bringing it to a vote in the Republican-led House of Representatives.

The recent disinformation campaign by Russia is part of a broader 10-year strategy aimed at "elevating the voices of populist, anti-establishment politicians opposed to the U.S. global role," according to analysts and former American officials cited by the Washington Post.

Political strategists and trolls have been involved in fabricating thousands of news articles, social media posts, and comments that advocate for American isolationism, as reported by the media outlet.

Trump's advisor denies alleged plans to push Ukraine to cede territory

"The whole thing is fake news from the Washington Post. They're just making it up," Miller stated. "President Trump is the only one talking about stopping the killing. Joe Biden is talking about more killing."Jason Miller, Trump's advisor, refuted these claims in an interview with The New York Post, denouncing them as "fake news." Miller emphasized that Trump's focus is on halting the violence, contrasting it with what he portrayed as President Joe Biden's approach of advocating for further violence.The Washington Post also reported Trump's belief that both Moscow and Kyiv "want to save face" and are seeking a resolution. Trump purportedly suggested that residents in Russian-occupied territories would be accepting of becoming part of Russia.The Washington Post had earlier published an article on the same day, citing undisclosed sources, alleging that Trump had privately discussed the possibility of ending Russia's war by exerting pressure on Ukraine to cede Crimea and Donbas to Moscow.According to a report from The New York Post on April 7, an advisor to Donald Trump, the presumptive nominee for the 2024 presidential run for the U.S. Republican Party, dismissed media claims suggesting that the former president would urge Ukraine to relinquish some of its territory if reelected.

Missile attack in Zaporizhzhia - 3 people died


Early assessments indicate extensive damage to the area, with 14 buildings affected, including seven apartment buildings, a healthcare facility, and a cultural building. As per an update from the head of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast Military Administration, a total of eight people sustained injuries of varying severity in the attack. The Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the launch of a pre-trial investigation into the matter, treating it as a violation of the laws and customs of war combined with premeditated murder under Article 438.2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. This investigation is under the procedural management of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast Prosecutor’s Office. The incident occurred around 12:30 on April 8, 2024, when Russian forces targeted the infrastructure of Zaporizhzhia with a missile strike, resulting in casualties and injuries. According to the Zaporizhzhia Oblast Prosecutor’s Office, three civilians lost their lives in a Russian attack on an industrial company in the city of Zaporizhzhia.

Russians shell Nikopol, injuring 2 people

Russians shell Nikopol, injuring 2 people – photo

The Russians attacked the city of Nikopol in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast on 8 April, injuring a 21-year-old woman and a 49-year-old man.

 Russians destroyed a two-storey residential building. Additionally, houses, outbuildings, and vehicles were damaged. Lysak adds that infrastructure facilities, including gas pipelines and power lines, have been affected.