Russian forces plant mines in Zaporizhzhia Oblast fields to reinforce their defense lines.

Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov has said that Russian forces are planting mines in fields in Zaporizhzhia Oblast in preparation for defending the occupied territories.

Occupation forces in Zaporizhzhia Oblast are endangering civilians as they prepare for defense [operations]. The orcs [i.e., the Russian forces – ed.] are planting mines in the fields in the north of the occupied – for now – part of Zaporizhzhia Oblast, between [the villages of] Mykhailivka and Orlianske.

Residents spotted a GMZ-3 tracked minelayer in the fields. This enemy equipment can plant mines along a 1–2 kilometer track within 10–20 minutes.

Farmers in Ukrainian-controlled parts of Ukraine are starting to plant new-season crops. Still, parts of the territories occupied by Russian forces and liberated remain dangerous for farmers because of the large number of mines Russian forces planted there.

Russian Su-35 fighter jets drop bombs on Chernihiv Oblast.

At around 17:31, the State Emergency Service dispatcher reported that a private house and outbuildings were on fire in the village of Pecheniuhy. As it became known, the fire was caused by an air strike carried out by two Russian Su-35s.

According to the Operational Command Pivnich, the fighter jets dropped two bombs. There has been no information on casualties.

Russia deploys up to 20 guided bombs each day – Ukraine's Air Force.

Russia continues to deploy aircraft to drop up to 20 guided bombs on frontline areas and positions in Ukraine each day.

Yurii Ihnat, the spokesman for the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, reported: "Enemy aircraft are active. The enemy is deploying guided bombs, which can travel dozens of kilometers (up to 70). The enemy deploys 10–15, and up to 20, such bombs each day along the entire line of contact dropped from Su-35 and Su-34 jets outside the range of our air defense systems. This is a threat to us, and we must respond urgently.

For now, we have no equipment that would allow us to respond [to this threat] effectively. To push those jets further away from our borders, we need long-range air defense systems like Patriot, as well as modern multi-purpose fighter jets."

Russia has recently ramped up its use of guided bombs. Normally Russian forces deploy Soviet-made FAB-500 bombs, which are retrofitted with "wings" and GPS targeting systems. Ihnat stressed that these Russian bombs are normally not very precise and thus pose a great threat to civilian facilities.

Ukraine needs long-range air defence systems and modern multi-purpose fighter jets in order to be able to counter this type of ammunition.