Russians attack Odesa Oblast with Shahed drones, hitting infrastructure facility

Russian forces attacked Odesa Oblast with Shahed drones on the night of 18-19 April, hitting an infrastructure facility.

Thanks to the successful operation of our defence forces, most of the enemy's UAVs were destroyed, but, unfortunately, there was a strike on a public infrastructure facility.

Putin's spokesman: Russia will listen only to those "peace" proposals that are in its interests

Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, said that Russia is ready to consider only those ideas for ending the war in Ukraine that take into account Russia’s "interests".

Peskov said that the Kremlin has no information about French President Emmanuel Macron's plan to prepare negotiations between the Russian Federation and Ukraine together with China.

And it is too early to assess Brazil's initiative for settlement in Ukraine, the nuances need to be learned, he said.

Peskov stated that the Russian Federation "is ready to listen to any ideas regarding settlement in Ukraine that take into account the interests of Moscow".

Earlier, the Kremlin made it clear that Russian troops would not leave the occupied territories of Ukraine and that any negotiations should take into account the "realities on the ground", that is, the occupation of the south and east of Ukraine.

Grain initiative: vessel inspections on halt for second day in a row due to Russia's actions

Grain supply through the grain corridor remains suspended for a second day in a row due to Russia breaking the conditions of the initiative.

Bloomberg reports :"Russia still refuses to follow a plan of Ukrainian ports and imposes on Ukrainian ports its own plan, which is unacceptable."

Earlier last week, the inspections were suspended for a day because the Russians unilaterally stopped registering the vessels submitted by the Ukrainian ports for the formation of the inspection plan.

"Instead, the Russians are forming their own inspection plan, choosing the vessels from the queue at their sole discretion, which totally contradicts the conditions of the Grain Initiative and is unacceptable for Ukraine," stated the Ministry the day before.

Herewith, Russia claims that it can leave the initiative if the issue concerning its own grain and fertilisers is not solved by the middle of May.