Russian missile attack on Chernihiv kills at least 14, injures over 60, including children

На зображенні може бути: 4 людини та текст
The aftermath of Russia's missile attack on Chernihiv, Ukraine, on April 17, 2024. Photo -Ukraine's State Emergency Service

On the morning of April 17, Russian forces unleashed a devastating missile assault on the city of Chernihiv, resulting in the tragic loss of at least 14 lives and leaving over 60 individuals wounded, including two young children, as confirmed by the Prosecutor General's Office.

The peaceful city of Chernihiv, situated in the northern region of Ukraine, was abruptly shaken by explosions around 9 a.m. local time, as reported by Suspline media outlet.

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Photo -Ukraine's State Emergency Service

Among the casualties was a 25-year-old female police lieutenant, who tragically lost her life while on sick leave at her residence, struck by shrapnel during the attack, as disclosed by Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko.

President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed his anguish over the incident, emphasizing the critical need for adequate air defense equipment for Ukraine and global solidarity in countering Russian aggression, stating on Telegram, "This tragedy could have been averted with stronger international resolve against Russian terror."

На зображенні може бути: швидка допомога, фургон та текст
Photo -Ukraine's State Emergency Service

Chernihiv Oblast Governor Viacheslav Chaus revealed that three Russian missiles targeted the vicinity near the city center, causing significant damage to civilian and social infrastructure, as highlighted by acting Mayor Oleksandr Lomako.

The destructive impact of the assault was evident, with an eight-story building reduced to rubble and several other structures, including a hospital and a higher education institution, sustaining severe damage, along with numerous vehicles, as detailed by Oleksii Kuleba, a deputy head of Ukraine's Presidential Office.

As the search and rescue efforts continue, the toll of the tragedy may rise, with three individuals currently unaccounted for, according to Klymenko, underscoring the ongoing threat posed by terrorist actions.

Немає опису світлини.
Photo -Ukraine's State Emergency Service

President Zelensky reiterated the importance of unwavering determination and international support in combating terrorism, stating, "Terrorists thrive on fear, but our resolve and unity can thwart their destructive intentions."

The dire need for bolstered air defense capabilities in Ukraine remains a pressing concern, compounded by delays in U.S. military aid funding. At the same time, Russia escalates targeted assaults on vital energy infrastructure, jeopardizing the security and stability of the region.

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Photo - Suspilne news

The city of Chernihiv has endured previous attacks, with a tragic incident in August 2023 claiming the lives of seven individuals, including a young child, and injuring scores of others, underscoring the persistent threat faced by the region due to its proximity to the Russian border.

На зображенні може бути: 4 людини та текст
Photo - Suspilne news

Despite the challenges and past conflicts, the resilience of the Ukrainian people shines through, calling for steadfast commitment from allies and robust support to confront and overcome the looming specter of terror and aggression.