Shoigu promised invaders that Russia would increase the amount of ammunition

Sergei Shoigu, Russian Defence Minister, has held a meeting at the headquarters of the joint group of Russian troops. He said Russia is taking the necessary measures to build up ammunition, but the support "has already increased many times."

The minister noted that the "amount of deliveries of the most popular ammunition has been determined, and the necessary measures are being taken to increase them."

At the same time, "the number of products produced to supply troops has increased many times; we are talking about both conventional and high-precision types of weapons."

According to the Russian Defence Minister, this will make it possible to "fulfill the tasks set by Putin" in the war.

Russian forces hit Kharkiv Oblast, killing civilians

Russian invaders have attacked the village of Dvorichna in Kharkiv Oblast, killing a man. A 43-year-old civilian man lost his life in Russian strikes on [the settlement of] Dvorichna today [1 April – ed.] at noon.

Occupiers shell Kherson, killing one person and four injured in the oblast

On 1 April, Russian forces shelled the city of Kherson with artillery, killing one person; four people were injured in the village of Kozatske. According to Yermak, Head of Office of the President of Ukraine, Russians struck a house in Kherson on 1 April.

A person who was on the street nearby at the time was killed. The data from official sources also say that Russians targeted the village of Kozatske, Kharkiv Oblast, hitting a house and injuring one person. Later, the Kherson Oblast Prosecutor's Office reported that four people were wounded in the shelling of the village of Kozatske.

The final number of victims is being established; shelling continues, the prosecutor's office said.